Interview with Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron: Former SmartCloud User and Current ChiroTouch User

SmartCloud, the popular cloud-based chiropractic EHR, is being sunset in September 2018 after being acquired by ChiroTouch in 2015. If you're a current SmartCloud user looking for your next EHR, you may be wondering what it's like to switch to another EHR.

We spoke with Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron from HealthPro Chiropractic and Acupuncture to learn about her transition from SmartCloud to ChiroTouch. In this interview, Dr. Pagnani-Gendron discusses some of the challenges she faced during her transition, as well as some of the benefits she experienced by switching to ChiroTouch, which is the most popular chiropractic EHR in the market.

Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your practice?

I have been in practice for six years. My partner and I have two locations in Houston—we're a family practice. My specialty is pregnancy and paediatrics. We do accept almost all major medical insurance plans.

How long have you been using your EHR?

We were first using SmartCloud for five years until Chirotouch bought them out and we had to switch over.

What were the most important features you were looking for when evaluating different chiropractic systems?

I was looking for a cloud-based system that would allow us to take easy and quick notes.

Why was cloud-based important to you?

Cloud-based was important because we did not want to deal with a server and maintenance on our own. We like to focus on our practice and keep IT issues to a minimum.

Why did you ultimately decide on ChiroTouch?

We really had no choice—we had to switch since they were canceling SmartCloud. We chose SmartCloud because it was cloud-based and we could do a monthly subscription for a very reasonable price.

ChiroTouch Logo

At the time, Smartcloud was the only cloud-based option that I found available. That’s why we went with that one. Also with multiple clinics it is easier to have cloud-based rather than having multiple servers at each location.

Did you considered other cloud-based systems after SmartCloud shut down?

I had looked into Practice Fusion but didn’t like the pop-ups. We were willing to spend a little more for ChiroTouch due to better quality notes and accessibility.

How does ChiroTouch compare to SmartCloud?

Chirotouch has better features for notes. SmartCloud was way more affordable. In addition, tech support for Chirotouch is terrible!

What do you like about ChiroTouch?

What I like about it is once you get all the macros and buttons set up, the notes are fast and easy. You can have everything in one program, including notes, billing, text messages, rehab procedures etc. Granted, you have to pay separately for those. Patients can self check-in and their subjective automatically uploads to their note. The system is also very popular, so most students coming out of school and coverage docs know how to work the system with minimal training needed. It is relatively user friendly.

What are some improvements can be made to ChiroTouch?

A better interface as it looks very dated. The price is outrageous. They charged us to do a conversion even though we were required to switch. Their tech support is also a nightmare.

How often do you need to use their customer support?

We need to use it often. At the beginning, it was multiple times a day. Now, maybe once a month. Support is not helpful and very stressful. It takes hours to get hold of someone and most of the time the person does not know how to fix the problem. There is only one manager, Markus, who knows how to run and fix the system properly.

How much does the package cost you?

It costs us $375 a month to run Chirotouch. We use the same system for both offices so basically we have one database we share. Their website says they charge $249/month, but we pay a bit more since they bill more per provider, and we have two providers in the clinic. We also use their Chiro InTouch facility (text message reminders). They do charge up, so what is listed there is not an accurate price.

Do you have any advice for our readers who are selecting an EHR for their practice?

Chirotouch is the big player for EHR. This is important because if you have an intern or a sub doc, most people will know how to use it already. Be cautious though, as it is very expensive and it takes about three months to get the whole thing set up. Once it is up and running however, notes are quick and easy to use which is a plus.

About ChiroTouch

*ChiroTouch is a leader in the chiropractic practice management space, with over 18,000 DCs and 11,000 practices using the software. Though there has been significant consolidation in the chiropractic software industry, ChiroTouch has recently made several notable acquisitions, including Autumn8, Future Health, and EON, which are all well-known names within the industry. ChiroTouch currently has over 170 employees, making it the largest chiropractic-specific EHR software vendor.

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You can also visit ChiroTouch's website here.

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