PayDC Review: Affordable Web-based Chiropractic Software & SOAP Note App

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PayDC is ideal for chiropractic practices looking for a low-priced web-based software, without any extra bells and whistles.

PayDC is an affordable web-based chiropractic management software application that helps thousands of chiropractic practices operate more efficiently. The software has exceptional documentation capabilities, which enables chiropractors to take detailed and accurate notes in order to increase compliance, and maximize your chances of getting reimbursed. However, PayDC is mostly appropriate for Windows users -- Mac users can also use the software, but only through the use of virtualization software. PayDC is a smaller company, with ~15 employees, but this is on par with the other 100% cloud-based chiropractic software vendors, based on our research.


  • Includes a mobile touschscreen app for adding SOAP notes on the go.
  • Care Plan Wizard helps quickly create customized treatment plans and estimate the cost of care.
  • One-on-one training sessions are included with your subscription at no additional cost.
  • Web-based, so you get all of the benefits of the cloud.
  • Automatic email appointment reminders can help reduce no-shows.


  • Designed to run natively on Windows. You can run it on a Mac as well, but this requires virtualization software.
  • Some users have reported issues with PayDC's servers going down occasionally.
  • Mobile SOAP notes/documentation app is only compatible with Windows tablets, not iPads.
  • Lack of reporting capabilities, particularly financial reports.


  • Subscriptions start at $149/month, depending on which software modules (Scheduling/Documentation, Billing, EHR, and Messaging Service) you need.
  • Free demo.

Table of Contents

Full Review

Founded by a healthcare compliance expert in 2005, PayDC's web-based chiropractic practice management software is designed to help chiropractic practices manage their practice from end to end. The application has exceptionally strong documentation capabilities designed to help chiropractors protect themselves in the event of an audit. One of the most important ways that PayDC accomplishes this is by making SOAP note creation more efficient.

The software includes a patient kiosk, where the patient can fill in his or her subjective notes upon checking in to the office. This not only saves time for the patient but also for the chiropractor, since the chiropractor can automatically start going over these subjective findings with the patient, and then proceed into the objective portion of the SOAP note. PayDC's SOAP note functionality is also accessible through a touchscreen Windows app.

Because the software has been designed with the typical chiropractor's workflow in mind, it's intuitive and easy to learn. However, one-on-one training is also included in the subscription fee at no additional cost.

Upon signing up for a subscription, the software will guide you through a settings wizard to customize PayDC's various modules to reflect the specific preferences and needs of your practice. Each section asks you to enter information, such as the types of diagnosis tests you plan to offer, the devices that should be assigned to each service during the creation of a care plan, and the duration of each procedure you plan to provide. Specifying your preferences upfront will help save a lot of time later on by making the software "default" settings align perfectly with your needs.

Because PayDC is cloud-based, you'll always be using the latest, most improved version of the software, because updates will happen automatically on PayDC's servers behind the scenes. In contrast, a locally installed solution may charge upgrade/maintenance fees to stay up to date with the latest industry standards. Another benefit of using PayDC is that your patient data is automatically stored securely in a HIPAA-compliant manner, with a centralized database that can be accessed by multiple users, even if they're in two different offices. However, some users have reported issues with PayDC's servers crashing occasionally, which would would mean that you're temporarily unable to access the software during that time. As a result, we'd suggest checking with PayDC about their sever uptime.

Key Features

Below, we discuss the key features of PayDC, and how they can benefit your practice.

Patient Kiosk

The patient kiosk helps streamline the check-in process by enabling your patients to enter their information and check into their appointments immediately upon arrival. Your patients can also enter their subjective findings into the kiosk, and have this information automatically populate into their SOAP note. Giving patients the opportunity to enter their own subjective findings doesn't just save the chiropractor time -- it also makes patients feel as if they are able to get started on their appointments as soon as possible upon arriving at your office, which prevents them from feeling like they are wasting time in the waiting room.


Accurate and detailed documentation is a key cornerstone of any successful chiropractic practice. PayDC makes it easy to generate template-based documentation, with its care plan "wizard," which asks you to answer questions about the patient in order to generate a treatment plan. You can also create templates that can be reused and customized for future patients. The wizard will automatically provide a cost estimate of the proposed treatment, which automatically factors in the patient's insurance plan.

You can generate SOAP notes quickly with PayDC, or through PayDC's mobile SOAP note app, which works on Windows touchscreens. With the mobile app, you can create SOAP notes in the exam room, or anywhere else in the office. The daily notes you create using the touchscreen app will automatically sync with the PayDC patient files, making it integrated with PayDC's main database. Once your SOAP notes are finalized, the software will automatically generate a CMS 1500 claim form, which can be sent directly to your clearinghouse.

Though the mobile SOAP note app provides a lot of flexibility for chiropractors and is one of PayDC's biggest strengths, it only works for Windows touchscreens.


PayDC's billing module enables chiropractors to automatically generate a claim (with options for either cash or insurance-based claims) using the patient's SOAP note. You can then search and filter claims by their status, in order to identify claims that need follow-up or have been rejected.

The software automatically checks each claim for accuracy and highlights errors to help improve the chances that it will be approved. For example, codes are checked to ensure that they meet CPT coding guidelines. The software supports patient payments in the form of cash and insurance. It also enables you to specify discounts for hardship, Medicare, or the uninsured.

PayDC also includes a Payment Planner that helps you create a payment plan and schedule for each patient, based on their care plan and insurance estimates. You can use the planner to set up recurring payments that include discounts, if applicable. You can either collect your patients' payments through PayDC's credit card processing partner, or by other means.


Reports provide valuable insights about your practice in order to help you make better decisions. Using PayDC, you can extract data to answer questions such as how much you billed today, how profitable each procedure has been for your practice, and how often claims have been submitted. The software also enables you to collect a security audit report to view a record of the actions each account user completed.

Is PayDC the right software for you?

PayDC is an affordable, web-based chiropractic practice management software that is designed with easy-to-use features that benefit patients and chiropractors alike. Since the software is cloud-based, users can access the software from anywhere. However, iPad users should take note that the touchscreen SOAP note software is only optimized for Windows tablets. Because PayDC was co-founded by a leading coding and compliance expert, the software was designed with a particular emphasis on improving compliance and protecting your practice in the case of an audit.

If you're looking for a low-cost web-based software with strong documentation capabilities, then PayDC is a worthy option to consider.