Time Doctor Review, Pricing & Features: Employee Time Tracking Software

Time Doctor Pricing & Cost

Time Doctor pricing is based on the subscription you select and your number of users. Time Doctor offers three plans – more expensive plans include advanced features. Here's pricing for one user:

  • Basic Plan: $7 per month
  • Standard Plan: $10 per month
  • Premium Plan: $20 per month

Visit Time Doctor's website to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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Time Doctor Full Review

Time Doctor is a popular time management and employee monitoring tool that helps individuals and businesses improve their productivity, and understand how employees are spending their time. According to Time Doctor, users report a 22% increase in productivity as a result of using the time tracking software.

With desktop, web, and mobile components, Time Doctor helps freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations analyze individual or employee working habits to determine where time is being spent. Administrators can allocate tasks and projects through the web-based dashboard, which includes features such as time tracking, screenshot monitoring, and website/application usage.

To track time, users download the Time Doctor desktop app, which will then keep track of how much time the user has spent working on a given project. This is not only helpful for billing purposes, but also for improving productivity. The system includes some advanced time tracking features, such as reminders to begin tracking time, and reminders to stop tracking time. These features help improve the accuracy of time tracking, and are significant improvements over other systems, which can often be inaccurate due to users forgetting to log their time.

Time Doctor also incorporates some useful features for businesses that need to manage client projects. Companies can create a white-label login for clients, and share tasks/projects, in addition to requesting payments from clients through the platform. Sharing time spent on each project can help build trust and simplify the process of hourly/project-based billing.

Overall, Time Doctor is well-rounded time tracking software solution to help individuals and companies manage their time efficiently and improve productivity across the board.

Key Features

Below are the key features of Time Doctor and how they can benefit your business.

Time Tracking

Time Doctor has multiple options to use the time-tracking functionality. Users can download a Chrome extension or install the desktop app (available for MacOS or Windows). Tasks can then be added through the app, and when you're ready to begin tracking time for the task, you simply hit the play button.

Time Doctor Review Mac Desktop App

You can also group tasks into projects, so that you can gain a solid understanding of how an individual's efforts translates into key business objectives. Multiple tasks can be added to a project, in addition to permanent tasks for any repetitive work that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Time Doctor Review Adding Projects

Allocated projects appear in a user’s account, allowing tracking to begin immediately. Once a user starts tracking, the desktop app runs in the background and monitors time, websites visited, applications used and even keystrokes/mouse movement to provide a comprehensive breakdown for each task and project. Recording is stopped if a user indicates they are on a break (by hitting the stop button), and tracking only resumes when they press play. If a computer is idle for too long, a pop-up appears asking the user if they are still working. If there is no response, a break is automatically initiated. Manual time can also be added if you forget to start the timer, although this is clearly indicated in a different color and needs to be approved by a manager.

Time Doctor Review Manually Adding Time

Website & Application Usage Tracking

Productivity is often a major concern for companies, so understanding how employees use allocated time is essential to improving output and achieving better results. Time Doctor monitors internet usage and applications outlining which sites the user has visited, and for how long. As an example, you can quickly see if employees are using personal sites such as Facebook or YouTube during the workday.

Time Doctor Review Website Usage Tracking

Another useful feature to keep track of employees is the screenshot functionality. Well-suited for companies that manage remote workers, Time Doctor can be set to take screenshots of a user's monitor at predefined intervals (between 3 - 30 minutes). Since you may not require this functionality for each employee, administrators can determine on an adhoc basis which employees will have this functionality turned on. In addition, screenshots can be deleted by users to protect their privacy; however, any associated time will also be deducted.

Time Doctor Review Screenshots

Client Login

Time Doctor can also be a helpful tool to build trust with your clients, and share progress on their projects. Clients can log in and see billed hours, an overview of completed tasks, recent payments, and screenshots of associated work (if turned on). The software can even be white-labeled with your company’s branding and domain, making it easy to share information and track billable hours.

Time Doctor Review Client Login


Payroll allows you to compensate employees based on hours tracked, or as fixed-rate payments. Several payment options are available including PayPal, Payoneer (needed for client invoicing) and TransferWise. All currencies are accepted, and hourly rates/limits can be applied to ensure you don’t spend more than you have budgeted. A recent Payoneer integration now allows employees to request money too. Time Doctor doesn’t charge any additional transaction fee for processing payments.

Time Doctor Review Payroll


Time Doctor provides a range of reports that can help you monitor progress on projects and employee productivity. An administrative dashboard (which is only available on the web-based client) appears when you first log in, and displays an overview of all users and their logged time. Clicking on the "Reports" tab will bring up several built-in reports that provide more detailed insights into time spent on various projects, websites & apps visited, and user attendance.

You can view each report based on the day, week, or month. Reports can be exported and shared with managers to provide valuable insights into work habits. As an example, do your employees log more hours earlier in the week? This information can help you plan your workflow and get the most out of each team member.

Time Doctor Review Reports

The "Poor Time Use" report is particularly helpful for identifying employees who are not appropriately managing their time. Potential non-work related sites appear on the report if a user spends more than 10 minutes browsing a flagged site (e.g. Facebook and YouTube). While Time Doctor is an excellent way to monitor your employees, the software also acts as a useful deterrent and motivational tool to keep employees on task. Users that visit a "Poor Time Use" website will receive a timely reminder asking if they wish to proceed, which can help keep employees focused on their tasks at hand.

Time Doctor Review Poor Time Use Dashboard

Mobile App

Though most users will typically use the desktop app, Time Doctor also provides a mobile app that helps companies track time when users aren’t working on a computer. This is especially helpful for sales reps that are routinely on the road. Available for Android and iOS, the app displays an overview of all tasks and projects. The app also has a GPS tracking feature that can be activated and deactivated to track a team members location when necessary. Several users have reported connectivity issues and glitches with the mobile app, although the company is continuously updating.

Time Doctor Review Mobile App


Time Doctor integrates with a large range of third-party apps to ensure you can track time spent on various tasks that take place within other software, and track projects through one interface. Popular integrations include Trello for project management, FreshBooks for accounting, ZenDesk for customer support, Slack for communication, and Salesforce or Zoho for CRM.

Is Time Doctor Right for You?

Understanding how your team use time is crucial to increasing work rate and maximizing the capacity of each individual. Time Doctor's time tracking software simplifies the process of tracking minutes spent working on projects, providing detailed insights that allow you to make informed decisions.

Time Doctor is an excellent tool for companies that manage a remote workforce. However, the software is also highly beneficial for traditional office-based businesses and individuals looking to improve their productivity. Compared to other time tracking systems, we especially like its flexibility. We also like the automated reminders to start or stop tracking time, which can greatly improve overall tracking accuracy, since most of the errors associated with time tracking typically come from human error, or from simply forgetting to track time.

Visit Time Doctor's website to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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