Best Physical Therapy Blogs 2021

Reading physical therapy blogs is a great way to stay up to date with industry news, get inspired, and learn practical tips from clinicians and other individuals who understand the ins and outs of running a physical therapy private practice. Whether you're looking to integrate more ideas into your clinic, or just enjoy hearing about fellow physical therapists' experiences, you can get all of that and more by following these popular physical therapy blogs.

Evidence in Motion

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About the Blog

Founded in 2004, Evidence in Motion specializes in providing education and training to physical therapists. The blog posts cover a range of topics, and are written by many different contributors, which gives it more of a diverse voice than many other blogs. We suggest checking out the posts on practice management and marketing, as they provide motivation for running a successful practice, as well as thought-provoking discussions about the PT industry. It's also interesting to read the commentary from readers, who sometimes respond to topics and share their thoughts, making for very interesting and enlightening conversations.

Post Frequency

4x-5x a week.

Some of our Favorite Posts

"I Still Believe Physical Therapy is the Worst Kept Secret in Healthcare", "Consumer Marketing: from Concept to Practice".


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About the Blog

As the top web-based physical therapy software on the market, WebPT knows a thing or two about running an efficient practice. It's to be expected that such a successful company would use its blog to sell its own product (and indeed, some posts are centered around explaining how the company's software specifically addresses certain pain points in the industry). However, most of WebPT's blog posts are also interesting and educational resources for all physical therapists, even if they're not WebPT users. The blog posts are thoroughly researched, and share advice to help PTs on a variety of topics, ranging from billing and compliance issues, to tips for increasing your patient referrals.

Post Frequency

~5x a week

Some of our Favorite Posts

"Coding Faux Pas: 5 Common Rehab Therapy Billing Mistakes", "Why PTs must Embrace Change and How They Can Do it"

PT Think Tank

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About the Blog

Physical therapist Eric Robertson launched PT Think Tank in 2006 as a place to discuss and explore the topics of health, science, and the physical therapy industry. The blog has grown to include contributions from various figures in the industry, as a place to share thoughts and provoke discussion about topics relevant to physical therapists today. For example, the blog recently published a series of posts that reflects on the motions that will be reviewed by the 2017 APTA House of Delegates.

Post Frequency

~A few times a month; sometimes more often, based on current events/industry news

Some of our Favorite Posts

"Physical Therapy Metrics", "Assessing and Integrating the Evidence"

UpDoc Media blog

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About the Blog

UpDoc Media is a media outlet and marketing company that provides content and services for physical therapists. In addition to running a few podcasts, the company also authors a blog that focuses on helping physical therapists grow their business, market their services, and stay motivated every step of the way.

Post Frequency

~A few times a month; sometimes more or less often

Some of our Favorite Posts

"Productivity vs. Production", "5 Website Flaws That are Killing Your Clinic".

New Grad Physical Therapy

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New Grad Physical Therapy is a media site that aims to provide valuable resources for new graduates and physical therapists who are just starting out. The posts provide useful tips for those who want to start off their career strong, with topics ranging from settling on a specialty, to what new grads need to know about insurance. The blog also conducts interviews with different kinds of physical therapists to shine a spotlight in different specialties within the profession.

Serving as an outlet for many different members of the NGPT community, this blog is a vibrant resource for physical therapists, whether you're fresh out of school or just interested in the latest changes occurring within the industry.

Post Frequency

~Daily, with various contributors.

Some of our Favorite Posts

"Direct Access Physical Therapy: The Bare Basics", "6 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Patients"

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