BestPT Review: Physical Therapy Billing Software

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Ideal for established medium-sized physical therapy practices looking to streamline their billing process.

BestPT (by Billing Dynamix) is a cloud-based practice management solution designed specifically for private physical therapy clinics, with an emphasis on billing capabilities.

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Bottom Line

BestPT’s primary strengths are in its billing capabilities, where the software automatically checks each claim against more than 1.5M quality assurance rules to catch billing mistakes even before claims get sent out. We are particularly impressed with its dedication to customer support. BestPT offers its clients personalized attention from Practice Success Coaches. BestPT is also fully integrated with other industry leaders in the physical therapy software space, such as WebPT and Cedaron Connect. This allows you to leverage BestPT’s billing expertise and customer support, while still enjoying the documentation and scheduling benefits provided by other industry-leading software providers.


  • Strong billing and reporting capabilities, with emphasis on communication and personalized support for all clients.
  • Over 1.5M billing Quality Assurance rules updated daily, so you will automatically be alerted when a claim has an error, even before it gets sent out.
  • Clients can either handle billing in-house, or outsource to one of BestPT’s expert billing teams.
  • Each of BestPT’s clients gets a Practice Success Coach / account manager, who provides personalized attention and advice to help you improve your practice.
  • Offers unlimited billing support.
  • Intuitive dashboard allows practices to monitor various metrics, and create custom reports to identify trends in KPI (key performance indicators.)
  • Provides a scheduling / documentation solution, but also integrates with popular software (WebPT, Cedaron Connect)


  • There are stronger documentation and scheduling solutions on the market that are specifically catered to physical therapists, such as WebPT and Cedaron Connect.
  • If you outsource your billing to BestPT’s expert billing team, the fees can be steep (though standard for the industry). However, if you are newer to billing, the amount of time and revenue saved by having its expert team handle all of your claims will more than pay for itself.


  • $1495 startup fee, with no recurring monthly fees.
  • Additional fees based on how much you bill, and whether you outsource your billing or do it in-house. In-house billing costs $.79 per claim, and outsourcing to BestPT's team of expert billers costs 6-7% of each dollar that's reimbursed, which is about average for the industry.

Full Review

BestPT (by Billing Dynamix) is a web-based practice management solution for private physical therapy practice clinics. While BestPT provides documentation and scheduling capabilities, its exceptional billing and reporting capabilities really make it stand out from the crowd. The company also separates itself from its competition by prioritizing communication with clients, and by offering unlimited billing support as part of its services.

Key Features

Below, we discuss the key features of BestPT, and how they can benefit your practice.


From a billing perspective, all clients receive access to BestPT’s set of over 1.5M quality assurance rules, which alert you when something is wrong with your claim even before it gets sent out. These rules alone prevent the majority of billing mistakes, but to make sure that you maximize the chance of your claim succeeding, you can also outsource your billing entirely to one of BestPT’s expert billing teams. The billing team will handle the entire lifecycle of the claim, including any follow ups, and resolve any issues until you are reimbursed. Roughly 70% of BestPT’s clientele outsource to the team of experts, and the remaining 30% prefer to do their billing in-house while still utilizing BestPT’s exceptional quality assurance rules and customer support.

BestPT Quality Assurance Billing Rules

If you choose to use BestPT’s expert billing teams to handle your billing, you’ll pay roughly 6-7% for each dollar that gets reimbursed (not for what’s submitted). This may sound expensive, but based on our research, is pretty typical for the industry. If you pursue this route, BestPT claims that in 6 months, you can expect to see a 50% increase in collections, and a 35% increase in patients, which would more than justify the cost. BestPT also claims that on average, you can expect to receive 85% of reimbursements within 15 days, and you can reduce your A/R over 120 days down to 5%, which is significantly lower than the estimated industry average of 20%. If you are hesitant to try their software, BestPT also offers a money-back guarantee over the first 12 months. Those who prefer to do their billing in-house will pay a flat fee of $.79 per claim.

Whether you handle your billing in-house or outsource it, BestPT has a one-time startup fee of $1495 regardless of the number of users. Beyond this, there are no recurring charges, but you must meet a minimum of $299 in billing fees per month. Since there are no charges for additional users, and no recurring fees, this is a great solution for practices that are new to billing and EHR, or that are just starting out, as you also get access to BestPT’s reporting, scheduling, and documentation capabilities for no additional cost.

Customer Support

Since Billing Dynamix is a smaller company compared to others in the space, BestPT is able to provide personalized customer service to its clients. If you sign on as a client, you will be assigned a personal “Practice Success Coach” to answer any questions you may have about leveraging the software to optimize your practice.


Apart from billing, BestPT also excels in its reporting capabilities. Its system extensively logs all of the important details about your practice, so you can monitor any relevant metric / KPI to identify trends in an intuitive dashboard. If there’s a report or metric that cannot currently be generated in the dashboard, you can work with your Practice Success Coach, and they will generate an ad-hoc report for you or work with one of BestPT’s software engineers to build that functionality into the reporting tools. With these reporting tools, you can do things like identify insurance carriers that have been unprofitable for you, based on the amount that is billed to them vs what is reimbursed. You can also identify if there has been a month-over-month drop in the amount of new patient visits.

BestPT Reporting Dashboard
BestPT Example Billing Report

Documentation & Scheduling

We mentioned that BestPT offers scheduling and documentation capabilities. But many of their clients choose to use BestPT’s billing solution, while still using WebPT or Cedaron Connect to handle documentation and scheduling needs, since they are industry leaders in those areas. Luckily, BestPT can be integrated with these solutions as well as several others, so you can leverage BestPT’s billing solutions, while still using your favorite software for documentation and scheduling.

Is BestPT the right software for you?

BestPT is especially well-suited for established mid-sized physical therapy practices looking to streamline their billing process. With BestPT’s exceptional billing team and customer support, you can expect your claims to be filed more accurately, resulting in more of your claims being reimbursed, which more than justifies the cost of the software and billing fees. Since there are no recurring fees, and no additional charges to use their reporting, scheduling, and documentation capabilities, this is a great software choice if you’re looking to transition to electronic billing and EHR. As your practice grows, you can explore using software more specialized for documentation and reporting easily while still using BestPT, since they are integrated with many of the industry leaders, such as WebPT and Cedaron Connect.