Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) Review

Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) is an app and website designed for CrossFit users and box (gym) owners. The software helps users log workouts and key metrics while simplifying the process of building WODs (workout of the day) and assisting coaches in tracking member performance. While BTWB isn’t a complete gym management solution, it’s the perfect software for enhancing member fitness analysis and promoting a culture of improvement in your box.

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Beyond the Whiteboard Full Review

Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB) launched in 2008 by passionate CrossFitters Moe Naqvi and Jon Kinnick as a solution for tracking their box members’ workout results.

With a library of over 6 million workouts, BTWB makes it easy for box owners to plan and assign daily WODs. The company recently re-built and launched a new app (for both Android and iOS), taking into account user feedback and simplifying the navigation for a better overall experience. BTWB also helps to redefine your box floor, replacing the traditional whiteboard with a “WODscreen.” This feature allows box owners to stream daily WODs and show live leaderboard statistics to any TV in your box using Chromecast.

While BTWB is a leader in CrossFit workout programming and result tracking, the software isn’t an all-in-one solution for gyms. There is no functionality for owners to manage memberships, payroll, point of sale and marketing-related tasks. Box owners will still need to utilize other platforms such as MINDBODY or WellnessLiving in conjunction with BTWB for a complete package.

BTWB caters to official CrossFit affiliates and independent gyms (classified as Garage Gyms), with varying pricing for each. Gyms can pay and offer the app to members or ask members to sign up independently. A significant benefit of using BTWB, compared to other CrossFit software such as Wodify, is that data is stored on the individual’s account, making it easy for members to switch boxes and retain their workout results. The company has also included a “forever free” option for up to 10 members, making BTWB an excellent app to trial at your box.

Beyond the Whiteboard Pricing

  • Pricing for affiliates starts at $80/month for up to 50 members, and increases up to $250/month for 200 members.
  • Free 1-month trial.

Key Features

Below we will discuss the key features of Beyond the Whiteboard and how each can benefit your box.

Member App

Beyond the Whiteboard delivers one of the best and most comprehensive options on the market for athletes to log, track and monitor results. The app is free for members to use, and is a powerful tool to identify strengths, as well as areas for improvement.


The BTWB app provides a wealth of features to promote the community aspect of CrossFit and increase engagement levels. Squads, or collective groups, can be established by users or created by box owners to communicate with and provide encouragement and motivation for members.

BTWB Review Squads


Many users prefer the BTWB app for tracking results due to its detailed analysis of workout categories and movements. Strength, technique and mobility imbalances can quickly be quickly identified, since each user’s results are analyzed against other gym members and the broader BTWB community.

Detailed graphs convey imbalances (shown in red) across key movements and workout categories such as Olympic Lifts (snatch, clean, jerk), Power Lifts (deadlift, bench press), squats, running, gymnastics and rowing. This information can be used by both coaches and individuals to easily determine where improvements can be made, and to adjust programs accordingly.

BTWB Review Imbalances Screenshot

Fitness Level

Fitness level is another metric that many users find particularly useful. BTWB compiles your results in eight different categories: Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, endurance, speed, body weight, heavy MetCon, light MetCon, long MetCon. Each category receives a number between 1-100, which represents the relative fitness level of a member compared to the community. For example, a fitness level of 80 indicates that a user is 80% fitter than the rest of the gym community.

Lifestyle Tracking

Tracking lifestyle choices can have a big impact on results and performance in the gym. Sleep, water consumed, nutrients, and overall feeling can be recorded in a few seconds on the dashboard. Points are awarded for “positive” decisions, and users can compare their lifestyle choices to other gym members and to the BTWB community.

Gym admins and coaches can also set up lifestyle challenges to boost engagement levels and encourage members to live a healthier lifestyle, as well as pinpoint problems outside of the gym and improve client performance. For example, a client that has shown a consistent, significant reduction in weight for heavy lifts may not be getting enough sleep. The more information that users track, the better the results can become.

BTWB Review Lifestyle Log

Dashboard (The Whiteboard)

A comprehensive member dashboard features essential information needed to track progression and achieve results.

A WOD calendar provides a quick overview of allocated workouts and the Program Track a user has been assigned. Clicking on each workout, members can view detailed exercise descriptions, technique advice, videos and other essential details, as directed by their coaches. Members can also log results, including workout time/weight, weigh-ins, journal entries and even injuries to help monitor and track performance over time.

BTWB Review App Dashboard

Workout Programming

BTWB has over 6+ million CrossFit workouts that box owners can use to plan WODs for members. Workouts are assigned to specific tracks, which are focused workout programs such as strength, beginner, etc., and these can be pre-loaded as far in advance as needed via the program’s calendar.

A detailed filtering system helps coaches find popular CrossFit workouts (such as Fran, Cindy, Annie, etc.), while an option to “build a workout” provides not only additional customization but complete control over programming. Coaches can plan rest days, weigh-ins, and include detailed notes for members, classed as “Events”. Planned workouts and events automatically appear on a members’ whiteboard for the allocated calendar day.

BTWB Review Workout Programming Example


CrossFit is focused on group functional fitness, and the whiteboard forms an integral part of the overall member experience. The WODscreen feature enables gyms to wirelessly broadcast workouts and leadership boards on TV monitors around the box.

Using WODscreen, you can alternate between displaying single and multiple programs, including a workout description, live leaderboard, and recent activity. Results, both Rx’d and modified, are updated and displayed in real-time when a workout is logged, providing some healthy competition and potentially increasing engagement/participation in your gym.

BTWB Review Whiteboard


BTWB doesn’t offer marketing functionality in the same way as its competitors; instead, the company focuses on helping affiliates and garage gyms grow by improving their overall member experience and promoting the community aspect of CrossFit.

BTWB can also help gyms retain members and keep engagement levels high through its instant messaging feature. Gym admins can send messages to members (through squads), congratulate members on results, and send encouragement via emoji reactions. Push notifications can also be toggled on and off to keep members notified, wherever they are.

BTWB also syncs with Facebook and Twitter, allowing gyms to post new WODs automatically through social media platforms. Members can even stay informed with gyms through the Wordpress Feed integration. There are six different feeds that gyms can display, including:

  • Members: Feed of your gym members
  • Activity: Gym feed for the last two weeks, including WODs and independent workouts
  • Today: Current day’s WOD and results
  • WOD: Choose a specific day’s WOD and display the results.
  • WODs: Display last 50 WODs.
  • Leaderboard: Display the top 10 male and female results for your gym.

Is Beyond the Whiteboard Right for You?

If you own a CrossFit gym and struggle with workout programming, member logging, or if you’re looking to increase engagement levels, Beyond the Whiteboard is one of the best solutions to consider. Built for CrossFitters, the software incorporates all the features that your members need to stay motivated and keep track of their fitness results. Useful insights such as imbalances, modalities and lifestyle all help members and coaches stay well-informed about strengths and weaknesses.

The important thing to note is BTWB is not a complete solution for box owners. Rather, it’s a value-added service that can significantly enhance your members’ experience and improve their engagement at your box. BTWB needs to be utilized with other gym management software, but it is the gold standard for CrossFit planning, logging and analyzing results.

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