Best Fitness Management Software 2021

Best CrossFit Gym Management Software

Are you searching for the best software to manage your CrossFit box? We've researched the market to make it easy for you to identify the solutions that are ideal for your gym.

Selecting the best software solutions for your CrossFit box can be a challenge. There's numerous tools to evaluate, and choosing the wrong one is costly.

After analyzing the market, we've compiled a short list of the best CrossFit gym management software and workout tracking software. Read below for an introduction to CrossFit management software, and an overview of the leading software solutions.

Research Overview

Every CrossFit box likely uses several software tools. We've looked at two of the most important categories: gym management solutions, and CrossFit workout tracking software.

CrossFit Gym Management Software Overview

There are five CrossFit Gym Management solutions that you should get to know:

SoftwareWho It's Best For
MINDBODYBest for gyms who desire every possible feature, and don't mind a generalized solution used by yoga, wellness studios, and other businesses.
PushPressBest for new gyms interested in taking advantage of its free plan, which must be used in parallel with other tools for billing, marketing & workout tracking.
TriibBest for gyms on a budget that want a more affordable all-in-one solution with some drawbacks.
WodifyBest for gyms that want an integrated all-in-one solution that was designed specifically for CrossFit boxes and includes a programming marketplace.
Zen PlannerBest for gyms that want a cheaper alternative to MINDBODY, and don't mind paying more for additional members and workout tracking through SugarWOD.

CrossFit Workout Tracking Software Overview

Here are the top three point solutions for CrossFit workout tracking:

SoftwareWho It's Best For
Beyond the WhiteboardBest for gyms with hardcore athletes who want detailed information on their performance, improvement opportunities, and progress.
SugarWODBest for gyms that want to offer a user-friendly stand-alone product with social features that strengthen their athlete communities.
Wodify PerformBest for gyms already using Wodify Core that can benefit from its affordability and integration with the Wodify platform.

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What is CrossFit Gym Management Software?

CrossFit gym management software is the foundational software used by CrossFit boxes to manage operations. Gym management software supports all business functions from marketing & sales to billing & payroll. Some solutions, such as Wodify, are built specifically for CrossFit gyms. Others, such as MINDBODY, are general gym management solutions.

What Are the Key Features in CrossFit Gym Management Software?

Gym management software includes tools to support all aspects of your business. The key features found in CrossFit gym management software are:

  • Marketing: Tools to advertise your business through a new website, Google search and social media.
  • Scheduling: Manage your gym's class calendar, personal training sessions, events, and more.
  • Digital Forms: Paperless membership contracts and waivers.
  • Membership Management: Profiles for each member with contact information, billing information, attendance and other records.
  • Programming Management: Get access to comprehensive programming that seamlessly integrates with your scheduling tool and member app.
  • Workout Tracking: Members record their WOD results to see improvements over time.
  • Digital Whiteboard: Displays the day's scores to create friendly competition and strengthen relationships.
  • Point of Sale: Hardware and/or software to facilitate transactions inside your gym.
  • Billing: Securely process payments for member on-ramps, recurring subscriptions, events, and more.
  • Payroll: Track & process employee payroll.
  • Reporting: Monitor sales, attendance, retention and your other top KPIs to better understand your business.
  • Member Communication: Send members email and text messages to keep them informed and improve retention.
  • Member App: Members can book classes, track workouts, view results, send messages, and more.
  • Staff App: Staff can check schedules, preview class attendance, check-in athletes, and collect payments.

How Much Does CrossFit Gym Management Software Cost?

CrossFit gym management software costs between $100-500 per month for a typical gym. Some solutions are priced per-member, while others are priced based upon the features included.

In our analysis, we've assumed that a 50 member gym would opt for a plan with entry-level features, while a gym with over 250 members would want a premium subscription.

CompanySubscription: 50 Member GymSubscription: 250+ Member GymCredit Card FeeOther Costs
MINDBODY$129/mo$349/mo2.75% + $0.25Branded mobile app
PushPress$0/mo$139/mo2.9% + $0.30
(+1% for free plan)
Pro Coach for $47/mo,
Full Contact for $9/mo
Triib$100/mo$180/mo2.9% + $0.30N/A
Wodify$79/mo$299/mo2.8% + $0.30Workout tracking is $49/mo,
Website starts at $119/mo,
WOD Marketplace from $109/mo,
Wodify Pulse heart-rate tracking is $99/mo
Zen Planner$117/mo$227/mo2.49% + $0.25Website starts at $297/mo

Most companies charge incremental payment processing fees in addition to the baseline rate. Here's an overview of the publicly available information on incremental payment processing fees for each vendor.

CompanyIncremental Payment Processing Fees
  • PCI Compliance: $18.80 per quarter
  • ACH Payment Processing is $10 per month
  • Does not charge incremental payment processing fees
Zen Planner
  • PCI Compliance: $5 per month
  • Statement Fee: $5 per month
  • Daily Batch Fee: $0.29 per day
  • Corporate or Business Cards: +1.61% additional fee per transaction
  • Full List of Fees

The Best CrossFit Gym Management Software

Here's the short list of the top CrossFit gym management software. A brief overview of each solution is included along with links to their websites.


MINDBODY is the oldest and largest fitness management application. Since its founding in 2001, the company has grown to approximately 50,000 customers and was recently purchased for $1.8 billion. MINDBODY is a general fitness management solution used by gyms, yoga studios, salons, spas and other types of local businesses. The product's user interface can feel clunky at times, but comes with every feature that your gym could ask for.

  • Platform has all features
  • Good mobile app experience for members
  • Advanced marketing tools like dynamic pricing and intro offers
  • User interface can be more complicated to navigate
  • General fitness solution used in several industries
  • The most expensive solution


PushPress is a simple, easy-to-use gym management solution that is best for new or small gyms. It's solution includes many of the core gym management features, but requires integrations with separate tools for billing, marketing, and workout tracking. PushPress' free plan is clearly the cheapest option on the market, and worth a look for gyms on a budget.

  • Free plan is ideal for new or small gyms
  • Product integrates with Beyond the Whiteboard & SugarWOD for workout tracking
  • Does not include workout tracking
  • Free plan can be outgrown, and integrations require additional setup


Triib was founded in 2015 to solve the frustrations of CrossFit gym owners. It offers a full suite of features at one of the lower price points in the market. At the same time, this newer application is more basic than pricier alternatives is still improving its overall usability.

  • Offers a full set of features for gym management
  • Includes event management and ticket sales
  • Does not include workout programming
  • The members app has some usability issues


Wodify, which launched in 2012, is the most popular gym management solution designed specifically for CrossFit. The platform includes a suite of products for full management of your box. This includes workout tracking, a programming marketplace, heart-rate training, and the option to build an integrated, hosted website. Starting at $79 per month, Wodify is an affordable, effective solution that can scale with your CrossFit box.

  • Built specifically for CrossFit
  • No additional fees for payment processing, data export, or additional members
  • More expensive for smaller gyms
  • Member app undergoing major rebuild
  • Does not offer ad-hoc reporting

Zen Planner

Zen Planner is a popular fitness management system founded in 2006 with over 5,000 customers. Its platform includes all the general functionality that fitness businesses require, and is a great alternative to MINDBODY. At the same time, it does lack some features used specifically in CrossFit boxes. Zen Planner is priced based upon your number of members, which does mean it will get more expensive as your gym grows.

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface
  • Robust ad-hoc reporting
  • Highly-rated fully-featured staff application
  • Cheaper than MINDBODY
  • Native workout tracking not great; customers typically purchase SugarWOD
  • Member app is unstable
  • Data exports and PCI compliance cost extra

How Much Does CrossFit Workout Tracking Software Cost?

CrossFit workout tracking software costs between $50-250 per month for a typical gym. Use the table below to compare the price of different CrossFit workout tracking software solutions.

Price for 50 Member GymPrice for 250+ Member Gym
Wodify Perform$49/month$49/month

The Best CrossFit Workout Trackers

Here's the short list of the top CrossFit workout tracking software. A brief overview of each solution is included along with links to their websites.

Beyond the Whiteboard

Beyond the Whiteboard, founded in 2007, was the first online workout tracking tool built to make it easier to keep track of gym members' workout results. The application offers athletes detailed information and statistics on their performance, which can be used to identify weaknesses and measure progress. Starting at $80 per month, it is the most expensive option, but is a favorite of the most dedicated athletes.

  • Rich information on athlete performance & progress
  • Includes over 5 million workouts
  • Nutrition & weight tracking
  • The most expensive workout tracker
  • Does not include the social features found in other tools


SugarWOD, launched in 2012, was built to support community participation, physical progress and human connection. The platform has over 360,000 CrossFit athletes who have logged over 22 million workouts. Starting at $47 per month, SugarWOD is a good choice for boxes that want to offer a user-friendly application to strengthen their communities.

  • Social features such as likes, comments & fist bumps
  • User-friendly
  • Zen Planner integration
  • Does not offer athletes as much detailed information as BTWB
  • Recently acquired by parent company of Zen Planner

Wodify Perform

Wodify Perform is one of Wodify's full suite of products. Most Wodify customers purchase Wodify Perform to record athletes' past results, charts their improvements over time, and encourage them to exceed their fitness goals. At $49 per month, it is the cheapest workout tracker.

  • Integrated directly with Wodify's suite of products
  • Social features to build community
  • Requires the purchase of Wodify Core
  • Athletes lose access to the app if they leave a Wodify gym
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