Best Chiropractic Blogs 2021

Whether you’re an experienced chiropractor or just starting out, consulting the right blogs can help you get a leg up on growing your practice and setting it up for success. We've compiled a list of our favorite chiropractic blogs from chiropractors and industry experts who regularly share useful strategies, ranging from marketing advice, to navigating the various challenges of running a successful practice.

The Strategic Chiropractor

Founded by Dr. Tom Necela (the first chiropractor to earn a Certified Professional Medical Auditor designation), The Strategic Chiropractor works with chiropractors to develop smarter billing, documentation, and business strategies with coaching, consulting services, products, and other resources. Many of the posts focus on helping chiropractors develop business strategies to increase their profits and avoid/prevent common compliance issues.

Patient Media

Patient Media was founded by Bill Esteb, who has written 11 books about the chiropractic industry, and co-founded Perfect Patients, a chiropractic website design services company. The blog is known for Monday Morning Motivation, weekly tips that invite chiropractors to reflect on what inspires them, and take a closer look at what they could be improving about their approach to running their practice. In addition to these shorter weekly tips, Patient Media also publishes blog posts that explore insightful topics at greater length, such as how to determine the intent of your practice, and the importance of listening to patients.

Post Frequency1-2 times a week
Favorite Posts"The Limitations of Chiropractic Patient Education", "Are you a Beige Chiropractor?"

Upper Cervical Marketing

Upper Cervical Marketing was founded by Dr. Bill Davis, who launched a successful all-cash upper cervical practice but was forced to close his practice after a serious mountain biking accident left him unable to keep practicing. He refocused his energy on creating Upper Cervical Marketing, a company that provides marketing services for chiropractors who specialize in upper cervical practice. If you are a chiropractor with this specialization, this blog is a great source of advice for successfully expanding and marketing your practice. You can also sign up to get a free Marketing Tip of the Week emailed to your inbox.


ChiroSushi's slogan is "Raw chiropractic info, tips, and tricks to grow your practice." The company holds annual ChiroSushi Summits, which bring chiropractors, entrepreneurs, and business experts together to discuss how chiropractors can growth hack their practices and develop themselves professionally. Known for its lively and conversational tone, the ChiroSushi blog offers a fresh take on industry-related news briefs and business advice for chiropractors. The blog posts often provide industry-specific advice, such as social media marketing and strategies for handling various patient scenarios.

The Remarkable Practice

The Remarkable Practice was launched by Stephen Franson, an experienced chiropractic coach who helps fellow chiropractors grow their practices by attracting and retaining patients, and building a strong, successful staff to sustain that growth.

The Remarkable Practice blog provides an excellent range of useful information for chiropractors. Topics are heavily focused on improving patient retention, practice marketing, and building a dependable chiropractic team.

The Inspired Chiropractor

Minnesota-based Dr. Shawn Andrews launched The Inspired Chiropractor with the goal of sharing everything he's learned over the past 10+ years in practice. True to its name, many posts reflect deeply on the chiropractic profession, and provide inspiring guidance for chiropractors who want to invest in their professional growth. Because Dr. Andrews specializes in Facebook marketing (he also developed a Facebook Marketing Mastery Course), some of the blog posts specifically advise chiropractors about best marketing practices.

Bruce Hogan

Bruce Hogan is Co-founder & CEO of SoftwarePundit. He leads the team's research and publishes content about software products and trends. Bruce has experience investing at multi-billion dollar private equity firms, leading teams at venture-backed technology companies, and launching new businesses. You can connect with Bruce on LinkedIn.

Bruce is an expert in several software categories including:

  • Dental software
  • Mental health software
  • SEO software
  • Social media software

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