Best Chiropractic Podcasts 2020

If you're interested in taking your practice to the next level, podcasts are a great way to learn from other chiropractors' experiences, and pick up tips from industry experts who specialize in helping practices succeed in today's competitive environment. We've selected a few of our favorite chiropractic podcasts that we recommend to any chiropractor who wants to grow their business.

Chiro Business Mojo Podcast

Husband-and-wife team Richard and Haley Day launched Chiro Business Mojo with the goal of delivering resources to chiropractors who are just opening their first practice. In each podcast episode, Dr. Richard Day interviews a chiropractor or an industry expert to ask them to share business ideas and strategies for growing a successful chiropractic practice. Past episodes have covered a variety of topics, including brand building, attracting new patients, and social media marketing hacks.

Podcast Information
Episode FrequencyOnce a week
Running Time~30-60 minutes

The Chiropractic Philanthropist

Dr. Ed Osburn was a practicing chiropractor for 15 years before he launched The Chiropractic Philanthropist, which is founded on the mantra that "We are all more alike than we are different." His podcast expands on this idea by showing chiropractors how to learn from each other's experiences, both good and bad. Many of the episodes are particularly interesting because they don't gloss over the tough aspects of growing a chiropractic practice. It is also one of the longest running podcasts in the industry, and currently boasts an impressive collection of more than 250 episodes, all available online.

Podcast Information
Episode FrequencyOnce a week
Running Time~45-60 minutes

The Evidence-Based Chiropractor

The Evidence-Based Chiropractor specializes in helping chiropractors use research to acquire more patients through referrals and social media marketing. Like many other chiropractic podcasts, host Jeff Langmaid interviews experts and invites them to share marketing strategies and tips with the audience. However, this is one of the only podcasts that also discusses the latest research and industry news (such as changes in FDA regulations and recently published research papers/studies) in an easily digestible format (each episode is only ~10 to 20 minutes). We recommend this podcast for any chiropractor who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry, stay up to date with relevant research studies, and pick up some marketing tips, all in one place.

Podcast Information
Episode FrequencyOnce a week
Running Time~10-20 minutes

ChiroCandy: THE Chiropractic Marketing Podcast

Chiropractic marketing coach Billy Sticker launched ChiroCandy, a weekly podcast that aims to help and inspire chiropractors to think more like marketers. With about 120 episodes and growing, ChiroCandy speaks with other marketing experts as well as chiropractic leaders to provide listeners with free business coaching, marketing advice, and other tips to run a more successful practice.

Podcast Information
Episode FrequencyOnce a week
Running Time30 minutes

The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show

Kevin Christie is the host of The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show, a podcast that focuses on teaching chiropractors how to market themselves to achieve positive results. Christie interviews experts to discuss various topics of interest to chiropractors, ranging from treatment plans and patient onboarding, to public speaking skills and other business strategies.

Podcast Information
Episode FrequencyOnce a week
Running Time~30 minutes

Crush'n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast by Dr. Richard Avery

Dr. Richard Avery, the host of Crush'n It Chiropractic Marketing Podcast, also founded Elite Chiro Websites, a company that provides professional websites for chiropractors. This podcast focuses heavily on providing business strategies for chiropractors. Each week, Dr. Avery interviews a successful chiropractor to ask them to share their secrets. We also like that this podcast offers a well-rounded view of the chiropractic field—Dr. Avery doesn't shy away from asking his guests to share any challenges they faced along the way, as well as how they overcame those challenges to get where they are today.

Podcast Information
Episode FrequencyOnce a week
Running Time20-30 minutes
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