Bookeo Review, Pricing & Features: Popular Online Appointment Booking Software for Small Businesses

Bookeo Review, Pricing & Features: Popular Online Appointment Booking Software for Small Businesses

Ideal for businesses that need an efficient way to manage appointments and bookings from one comprehensive platform.


  • Enables members to book classes, make payments, and post class reviews online
  • Maintains complete client profiles and securely stores contact details, booking history, medical information, and more all in one accessible location
  • Seasonal businesses can freeze their account during the off-season and only pay 30% of the regular monthly subscription fee


  • Lacks retail management feature and the ability to track inventory
  • Does not enable members to record and track fitness results online
  • Technical support is only provided via email, with no direct support line
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Founded in 2010, Bookeo is an online scheduling and booking system that helps businesses organize their schedules more efficiently. Bookeo helps businesses manage their schedules by integrating with other applications they're already using, including marketing tools like MailChimp, Wordpress, Wix, accounting systems like Quickbooks, and email (Outlook, Gmail, etc.). Thousands of businesses use Bookeo to track and manage their appointments/bookings effectively, enabling them to provide better service for their clients and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Bookeo is especially popular amongst fitness businesses and salons, as well as by businesses that provide classes, and tour operators.

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Bottom Line

Bookeo is a popular online scheduling and booking system that helps thousands of businesses attract, retain, and manage their bookings. Offering rich marketing capabilities and an intuitive design that's easy to learn, Bookeo is used across 120 different countries and is fully translatable in over 35 different languages. Whether you’re a gym owner, tour operator, or business consultant, Bookeo’s flexible scheduling system will help you manage your busy schedule, so that you can focus on attracting new clients and improving your relationship with current clients.

Bookeo Pricing

Bookeo's pricing depends on whether you are purchasing it's Appointments, Classes & Courses, or Tours & Activities Product. All plans are paid monthly, and prices increase with your number of users and bookings per month.

ProductSolo PlanSmall PlanMedium PlanLarge Plan
Classes & Coursesn/a$39.95$79.95$119.95
Tours & Activitiesn/a$39.95$79.95$119.95

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Full Review

Bookeo is an online scheduling and booking platform that serves over 34,000 businesses globally. Launched in 2010, Bookeo was initially tailored to small service-based businesses, although a rapid expansion has seen the release of three distinct products (Bookeo Appointments, Bookeo Classes & Courses, and Bookeo Tours & Activities). With this suite of products, Bookeo is able to meet the scheduling and booking requirements of a wide range of different service providers, ranging from yoga studios to cooking schools and tour operators.

While each of these 3 products has similar features in terms of marketing, billing, integration, and reporting, the key differences relate to the scheduling of services. Bookeo Classes & Courses and Bookeo Tours & Activities are primarily catered towards group bookings, and are nearly identical, with the fundamental difference being the ability to structure a series of classes that make up a course in Bookeo Classes and Courses. Bookeo Appointments, on the other hand, is a limited product suited for individual appointments only (not group), with lower pricing to reflect that.

As scheduling classes and courses is a necessary function for many fitness businesses, we'll focus this review on the scheduling and booking platform offered under Bookeo's Classes and Courses product. This product is designed to help businesses schedule and manage weekly group classes, recurring courses (for example, a 12-week boot camp), and personal training sessions.

One of the major advantages of Bookeo is the ability to customize the software to meet your fitness facility’s needs. You can use Bookeo to accept online bookings and payments through a website or Facebook at any time, offer memberships, special pricing, prepaid packages (e.g, ten classes), promotions and even gift vouchers, which ultimately helps you reach more customers and improve your business's bottom line.

Key features for fitness businesses

Below, we'll discuss the key features of Bookeo and how they can benefit your fitness business. We'll focus on Bookeo Classes and Courses, as this is the product best suited to fitness professionals. However, the features listed under General Features are found across Bookeo’s entire product suite and will be relevant for other small businesses.

Advanced scheduling capabilities

Bookeo Classes and Courses provides a range of flexible scheduling capabilities, including the ability to set up weekly group-exercise classes, personal training sessions, full courses, and one-off events. You can assign instructors and locations to classes with ease, seamlessly roster your staff, and organize your facility in the process. The dashboard is easy to use, and provides a complete overview of all group classes, bookings, and instructors.

Bookeo review dashboard

One of Bookeo’s most useful scheduling features is the ability to set a minimum number of desired signups for each class. This means that Bookeo will only accept booking requests and processes payments once your specified participant number for any given class has been reached.

Bookeo’s class scheduling system is easily accessible from any mobile device, so you can view and manage your online calendar on the go. Although Bookeo does not have its own mobile app, the company offers a user interface that automatically optimizes to any device, including your mobile phone, to provide a good user experience regardless of what device you're using to access the service.

Bookeo review mobile management

Here are some of the appointment types that can be scheduled through Bookeo Classes and Courses:

  • Classes: Set up casual group exercise classes with weekly schedules, fixed starting times, and a maximum number of attendees.
  • Personal Sessions: Set up a restricted availability for personal sessions with each fitness professional on your roster, and set specific start times and durations that members can choose from.
  • Courses: Set up courses composed of series of classes. Members make one booking to register for the entire series of courses automatically.
  • Events: Schedule one-time events, such as a yoga retreat or body-mapping seminar. Events are particularly useful for highlighting special occasions.

Class registration

Bookeo’s online class calendar allows members to view your gym's schedule and register for classes. The fully responsive design ensures that whether they're using a desktop computer or mobile device, they'll be able to register for classes without any formatting issues. This helps save your staff time by reducing the need to accommodate bookings over the phone -- instead, members are able to register online and/or cancel reservations with just a few clicks from their desktop or mobile device. Also, users can see the instructors’ names, read a brief class description, a teacher bio, and check out positive reviews from previous clients.

Bookeo review class schedule online

One of Bookeo's most powerful features is the automatic waiting list, which ensures that your most popular classes are always filled to capacity by prompting members to join a waiting list when a class is fully booked. If a slot becomes available, Bookeo automatically notifies those on the waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

On the business management end, Bookeo’s class calendar allows you and your staff to manage class registrations for one central location. You can quickly view an outline of the days, weeks or months, see the number of bookings, places available, and the assigned instructor, and register members with one click.

Instant class notifications

Bookeo’s automatic booking notifications and class reminders can help reduce the number of no-shows without any extra work on your end. The system automatically notifies members when a class is booked and sends reminders by email or text.

Similarly, Bookeo can send automatic calendar notifications to your personal trainers and gym instructors when a new class is scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled (as long as each trainer/instructor has already completed the user setup process).

General features for small businesses

The features below are available across all of Bookeo’s products (Bookeo Appointments, Bookeo Classes & Courses, Bookeo Tours & Activities). Although we will focus on how these features help fitness businesses, these capabilities are also relevant for any other service-based business that could benefit from an intuitive booking and scheduling system.

Billing and payments

Bookeo offers a range of secure billing and payment solutions that allow you to get paid on time without having to deal with lost credit card details or forgotten fees.

Bookeo provides the flexibility to integrate with major worldwide payment gateways, including Stripe and Paypal, to support credit card payments. A complete list of supported payment gateways can be found here. Members can benefit from secure and encrypted payments because Bookeo is PCI-DSS compliant and undergoes daily assessments by a third-party PCI-approved vendor.

Within the system, Bookeo allows you to easily set membership rates by setting up automatic recurring payments to be processed through direct debit. Managers can set up pricing strategies for different categories (such as students or seniors) or different classes, in order to provide better control and more flexibility for a range of pricing structures.

Bookeo review class pricing online

Bookeo also offers online payments, which allow customers to pay balances whenever is most convenient for them. This helps eliminate the need to follow up with overdue accounts and take credit card information over the phone. The system also helps you track over-the-counter payments via cash or credit.

Marketing capabilities

Bookeo offers a complete marketing package to help your business grow. You can increase sales by integrating Bookeo with your social media accounts and quickly promote classes on Facebook or Twitter in one click. Bookeo also connects with daily deal sites, like Groupon, and can automatically import, validate, and track voucher codes for you.

One of the software’s most powerful marketing tools is the automatic lead remarketing feature, which allows you to re-engage customers who have abandoned the checkout process by sending out automatic emails that you can customize with your own messaging. This feature integrates with email marketing apps like on_current="true" url=/mailchimp-review-most-popular-email-marketing-softwareMailChimp[/url], to make it easy to keep in touch with your members through email campaigns. You can use this feature to effectively target select groups (such as non-members, current members, and expired members), boost retention rates, and build your customer base.

Bookeo also offers a built-in promotion feature that allows users to create time-sensitive promotion codes. You can use this feature to boost sales during slow periods, attract new clients, and/or re-engage existing clients.

With a host of other cutting-edge marketing tools, from automatic follow-up emails and review requests, to gift vouchers and prepaid packages, Bookeo helps you market your business to both existing and prospective customers.

Member/client database

Maintaining a profile for each of your members or clients is an essential component of automating your gym management. Bookeo provides built-in functionality to support a comprehensive and current member database, and securely stores contact details, medical history, booking history, past purchases and membership contracts on an online database. Your staff can securely access client information from any device, at any time. You can also upload a profile photo, or enable Bookeo to upload a photo from Facebook automatically. One of Bookeo's strongest features is the ability to collect valuable information about your client’s health status and medical history during the booking process. Questions are seamlessly integrated into your online booking form and are automatically pre-filled in all subsequent bookings, saving time for both you and your clients.

Bookeo review member database

Detailed Reporting

Bookeo Analytics provides a quick snapshot of your business with powerful visual displays and charts. It also enables you to generate advanced statistics and detailed reports that help you compare data on bookings, revenue, staff, and resource utilization month by month, or year by year. By quickly analyzing your club’s performance, and the popularity of a particular classes or trainer, you'll be able to make smarter, data-driven decisions that help propel your business forward. Gyms running multiple classes can use data to inform future class scheduling and the introduction of new classes or new trainers.

Integration with Google Analytics opens up an array of insightful metrics, including the ability to analyze your website’s traffic and gain a deep understanding of your audience and customer journey.

Bookeo review reporting

Website Integration

Bookeo offers a range of website integration solutions to suit any business, including widgets, direct links, buttons, and even a customizable booking page if you are not currently set up with a website.

Bookeo’s widget integrates with many major website platforms, including Weebly, Wix, and WordPress. You can use the built-in design tools to customize your widget so that it can perfectly match the look and feel of your website. You can also add pictures and videos to let your customer see exactly what your classes are all about, along with class descriptions and teacher bios.

You can utilize the integrated "Booking Cart" to sell multiple classes, as well as capitalize on upselling opportunities with extras and options, like merchandise, mat rentals, or water bottles. You can also make it easier for your customers to book through social media, with a dedicated Facebook app available at no extra charge.

Bookeo review website integration

Is Bookeo The Right Software for You?

Bookeo is a versatile and intuitive software for fitness clubs and small service-based businesses alike. If you’re looking for a dedicated fitness management solution, with advanced workout tracking, dedicated membership app, and retail management, Bookeo primarily specializes in offering booking and marketing capabilities, so it may not be the best option for you. However, for many small to medium-sized service-based fitness businesses, Bookeo provides excellent flexibility to create, schedule, and manage group classes, personal training sessions, and fitness retreats with ease, and is one of the top options on the market for small businesses looking to streamline their scheduling processes.

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