Simplifeye Review, Pricing & Features

What Is Simplifeye?

Simplifeye is a web chat service found on thousands of dental and medical websites nationwide. Simplifeye's main differentiator is its chat team that helps practices grow by significantly improving website conversion rate. Chatters are real people, based in the US, who have experience in the dental & medical field, and versed in 9 languages. Additionally, chatters are available 24/7, and respond in less than 8 seconds.

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Full Review: Simplifeye

Simplifeye was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ryan Hungate. Today, Simplifeye's dental software is used by over 6,000 doctors nationwide. While Simplifeye supports customers in a number of industries, dental practices are 85% of all customers.

Simplifeye is a web chat service built specifically to convert your website’s visitors into active patients. Simplifeye's team that chats with potential patients is trained in best practices to engage patients and capture their appointment requests. Simplifeye also offers useful features including a performance analytics tool and a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing functionality.

Simplifeye's web chat service is ideal for practices that invest heavily in online marketing. We recommend it for practices with websites that struggle to convert traffic into appointments and get over 200 visitors per month.

Simplifeye Pricing & Cost

Simplifeye pricing starts $349 per month per location. Other pricing details include:

  • 60 day free trial
  • No startup or cancellation fees
  • Free demo and support

Simplifeye Features

Below, we will discuss the key features of Simplifeye, and how they would benefit your practice. We will also include screenshots of the product to give you an idea of its layout.

Web Chat Tool

The highest impact component of Simplifeye's software is its web chat tool. All Simplifeye customers have a webchat tool like you see below installed on their websites. This allows potential patients to reach your practice at any time.

simplifeye widget

Web Chat Services

As opposed to other solutions that are purely software, Simplifeye provides a services team that manages your web chat 24/7. Simplifeye chatters are experts in the dental & medical field, and fluent in 9 languages. Simplifeye has an impressive response time, and will respond to any inquiries in less than 8 seconds.

Web chats are designed to convert your website’s visitors into active patients. Through web chats, patients can schedule appointments, and ask questions about your practice. When setting up your Simplifeye account, you will fill out a survey that covers important details about your practice including what insurance you accept, which services you provide, and your practice’s hours. This information is available to chatters, so they can tailor their responses to your practice in real time.


With Simplifeye, patients have two options to schedule appointments. As discussed above, patients can relay information to chatters, and chatters will schedule appointments for them. Patients can also fill out an online form with personal information and select a desired appointment time. When an appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email notification within five minutes.

simplifeye scheduling

With direct scheduling, appointments will be automatically updated in your practice management software. The direct scheduling feature can be enabled at any time if you like. Your practice management software must be compatible with Simplifeye to use direct scheduling.

Without direct scheduling, a referral is sent to your dashboard. Your staff can manage referrals in the dashboard, and manually make changes to your calendar in your practice management system.


Clicking on referrals will take you to a patient profile and chat transcript, allowing you to easily follow-up with patients. You can add patient notes in the activity log section. Also, you can review the chat transcripts, and can give Simplifeye feedback on how to personalize the chatting experience to better represent your brand.

amplify transcript

Your team can click “update status” to add additional patient status and substatus information.

amplify status

All referrals can be tracked and managed by your team in the dashboard. Referrals are arranged in an easy-to-use kanban board. As your team contacts patients and confirms appointments, you can change referral statuses by drag and dropping referrals into the three columns that you see below.

amplify dashboard


In the analytics module, you can measure Simplifeye’s impact on your practice. Here are some metrics you can track:

  • Total chats
  • Total referred
  • Time of day chats are conducted
  • New patients vs. existing patients

Simplifeye Integrations

In order to have an optimal workflow, it is ideal to have all of your software integrated with one another. Simplifeye is currently integrated with four practice management systems:

  • Curve Dental
  • Dentrix
  • Open Dental
  • Eaglesoft

Simplifeye Connect

Simplifeye Connect is a telehealth platform that gives you access to HIPAA-compliant video conferencing with your patients. Simplifeye Connect is included in the price of their standard subscription. The top use cases for Simplifeye Connect include:

  • Emergency patient evaluation
  • Patient triage
  • Prescribing medication
  • Scheduling future care
  • Advising on patient issues
simplifeye connect laptop

To learn more, check out our in-depth analysis of Simplifeye Connect. If you are providing care using telecommunication technology, Simplifeye provides a guide that explains which telecodes to use to report and document services.

Is Simplifeye Right For You?

Simplifeye is a human-powered web chat service that helps practices convert their websites’ visitors into active patients. The key difference between Simplifeye and alternatives is Simplifeye's team of trained experts who manage web chat conversations on behalf of your practice. This allows your team to focus on other priorities, and ensures that your web chat will be fully functional 24/7.

If your practice’s website doesn't convert well and gets over 200 visitors per month, we recommend testing Simplifeye on your practice’s website.

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