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Best Live Chat Software for Weebly

Searching for the best live chat software for your Weebly website? We've listed the top live chat solutions - all tested on Weebly - that can help you engage your customers online.

Many organizations host their websites through Weebly, a popular web hosting service. If you’re looking to provide even more customer support and connect with your customers, it’s a great idea to install live chat on your Weebly site. Live chat software helps companies attract leads, respond to questions, and provide instantaneous support.

There are many live chat apps available today, and choosing the best one for your Weebly site can be difficult. We set up a Weebly site and tested 12 live chat solutions, over the course of two months, to provide you with our firsthand, tried-and-tested recommendations. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite live chat solutions for Weebly, along with details on pricing and top features.

All of our recommendations are based on research, product demos with the software companies, and dozens of hours spent hand-testing these live chat solutions. More details regarding our research process can be found on our live chat category page.

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What Are The Benefits of Live Chat Software?

Live chat software includes useful features that streamline the communication experience between companies and their customers or website visitors. It’s particularly beneficial because there is no wait in communication like there is with email or support phone lines; rather, visitors can have their questions answered instantaneously. Live chat is becoming an increasingly popular feature on websites as many consumers prefer using live chat over calling a customer support phone line.

How Much Does Live Chat Software Cost?

Live chat software pricing ranges from entirely free for basic tools to $999 per month for advanced options. These more expensive choices are often equipped with robust features that extend beyond the scope of elementary live chat like email campaigns, website trackers, and chatbots.

The good news is that businesses of any size can benefit from this type of software, as many live chat solutions are either entirely free or have a free plan. If you’re interested in checking out our entire live chat category, where we’ve reviewed 14 of the top live chat solutions, click here.

How Do I Install Live Chat On My Weebly Website?

If you’re concerned about installing your live chat widget on Weebly, don’t worry! It’s very easy to install live chat onto a Weebly site. You don’t need any technical expertise or coding experience. Below is a step-by-step example of live chat installation using one of the top live chat solutions on our list,

Step 1: Copy Live Chat JavaScript

Whichever live chat tool you choose will provide you with a line (or a few lines) of code, most often JavaScript. Either hit the button that says “Copy to Clipboard” or highlight and copy the entire section of code.


Step 2: Go to “Settings” in Your Weebly Editor

On the top bar of your Weebly editor, you’ll see a section called “Settings.” Click on the Settings button.


Step 3: Find the “SEO” Tab

On the left side of the screen within Settings, you’ll see six options: General, SEO, Editors, Members, My Apps, and Blog. Select the SEO button.


Step 4: Paste JavaScript Into “Footer Code” Box

The third section in the SEO tab is the “Footer Code” box. This is where you’ll paste the live chat software code.


Step 5: Save

The last step is to click the green Save button in the bottom right corner! Once you publish your Weebly site, the live chat widget will show up on your site and visitors will be able to chat with you in real time.

The Best Live Chat Software for Weebly

The best live chat solutions for Weebly are listed below. We found all these tools to work seamlessly and didn’t notice any lag time, loading issues, or software conflicts while testing the products. We omitted other live chat solutions that are great choices, but that we found less cohesive with our Weebly site. If You’re Looking For Something Free is a basic live chat and ticketing software that includes features like a hosted knowledge base, basic analytics, and all essential live chat functions. This is one of the entirely free solutions, so it’s great for anyone who has a small business hosted on a Weebly site. As shown above, it’s exceptionally easy to install and we found no significant issues while using the product.

If you’re a business looking to outsource your live chat functionality, allows you to hire chat agents directly from their site. Whether you’re a small or large business, we recommend for a basic live chat tool that works well with Weebly.

LiveChat: If You’re Looking For Something Modern

LiveChat is a powerful live chat solution. It has a more modern appearance than and the widget can be lightly customized to fit with the appearance of your website. LiveChat offers integrations with many ecommerce tools like Shopify, ChargeDesk, and UPS Delivery Status, which will come in handy if you’re an ecommerce company.

LiveChat pricing starts at $19 per agent per month, which can get expensive if you have a large customer support team. However, if you’re looking for a simple yet powerful tool, this is one of our top recommendations. It worked well on our Weebly test site and there were no software issues.

Gist: If You’re Looking For Something Flexible

Gist is a live chat and marketing software with a wide variety of plans— you can choose from Support, Marketing, or the All-In-One plan. Given the wide range of plans and features, this solution is best for smaller businesses. There are free plans that offer basic features for all three categories, which is particularly useful for companies on a budget.

Free plans aside, Gist pricing begins at $29 per month for live chat and a knowledge base. The price scales up depending on how advanced you want to get. Overall, the product scored highly in our live chat category due to its ease of use, affordability, and complexity. As an added bonus, it worked very well with our Weebly site.

Olark: If You’re Looking For Something Basic

Olark is a simple, straightforward live chat solution. We recommend it to those who aren’t comfortable with highly complex software products, because it was one of the simplest we tested. The features include an inbox and widget, chat ratings, conversation transcripts, and basic reporting.

Olark’s most expensive plan costs $19 per agent per month. You can choose to lock into a contract for a year or two years to bring that cost down, but we recommend the month-to-month plan for maximum flexibility. Again, it’s likely one of the simplest on this list because of its limited features, but if you’re a startup or small business it can get the job done well.

Intercom: If You’re Looking For Something Advanced

Intercom is by far the most advanced choice on this list. It offers live chat along with other features like mobile carousels, A/B testing, chatbots, and a hosted help center. This solution will be best for you if you’re tech-savvy and want a tool that does more than enhance your customer support. We found that it worked well on our Weebly site as the widget loaded quickly and installation was simple.

Intercom can get pricey quickly with prices ranging from $39 per month to $999 per month, so it’s likely better if you have a portion of your budget to dedicate to such a tool. With the high price comes complexity and power, though, so for many companies it’s worth the investment.

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