Best Mental Health Blogs and Podcasts 2021

We've asked around and searched the internet for the best blogs and podcasts focused specifically on running private practices in the mental health industry.

Below is a list of our favorite blogs and podcasts full of tips to help you manage your private practice. This curated list will keep you up to date on best practices in marketing, technology, productivity, team building, taxes, and more. We'll keep adding to the list over time, so please let us know if we missed your favorite.

Practice of the Practice

The Practice of the Practice was launched by Joe Sanok in 2012 to blog about what he was learning about business, marketing, and private practice. Since then, he's grown his practice from $10,000 a year to over $500,000 (he actually posts his financial results on the blog each month!). Joe shares his valuable learnings through articles, videos and his podcast, which is nearing its 400th episode. With almost 1,000 pieces of content across a broad range of topics, you'll definitely find valuable insights here.

The Private Practice Startup

The Private Practice Startup is run by Dr. Kate Campbell, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT. Both have built successful private practices from the ground up and love working with ambitious mental health professionals who want to brand themselves and grow their dream private practice. The freshest content can be found on their weekly podcast, which features a mix of mental health experts, business experts, and successful private practitioners. They also offer premium content and e-courses for those interested.


ZynnyMe is a blog, podcast and bootcamp run by Miranda and Kelly, two psychotherapists who have built successful cash-pay practices. Their blog and podcast are updated multiple times per week and cover a range of relevant topics for entrepreneurs starting or growing their own practices. On their podcast, Miranda and Kelly also spend time discussing the real-life challenges that entrepreneurs run into outside of building their businesses. For those interested, ZynnyMe offers a year-long bootcamp designed specifically to help therapists grow healthy practices.

The Practice of Therapy

The Practice of Therapy is a blog, podcast and website run by Gordon Brewer Jr, MEd, LMFT, to help clinicians make the move into private practice. Gordon has been in private practice for over 10 years and loves sharing what he's learned to help others build the practice of their dreams. His podcast is updated about once a week and typically features experts discussing very business-oriented topics. His website also offers for-purchase resources – for example, an introduction to using G Suite, or private practice finance.

Abundance Practice Building

Abundance Practice Building is a blog and podcast run by Allison Puryear. It's Allison's goal to empower therapists by providing tips & tools for entrepreneurship and working through fears that keep them from reaching their emotional & financial potential. These days, Allison is most active on her podcast, Abundant Practice, which has over 125 episodes. The podcast is specifically for counselors starting or building a private practices. Fans of the podcast appreciate how authentic, practical, and substantive its episodes are.

Post Frequency3-4 times per week
Favorite PostsAsk Allison: First Year in Practice, Transitioning to Recurring Appointments

Private Practice From The Inside Out

Private Practice From The Inside Out is a run by Tamara Suttle. Tamara is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in both Texas and Colorado, an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) and has more than 30 years of experience in mental health. Through her blog, Tamara offers insights on wide audience, with hundreds of articles covering topics from insurance to professional development, and how to grow your practice. Many of her posts are in direct response to questions she receives from her readers. Tamara also offers coaching and therapy for therapists through her website.

Bruce Hogan

Bruce Hogan is Co-founder & CEO of SoftwarePundit. He leads the team's research and publishes content about software products and trends. Bruce has experience investing at multi-billion dollar private equity firms, leading teams at venture-backed technology companies, and launching new businesses. You can connect with Bruce on LinkedIn.

Bruce is an expert in several software categories including:

  • Dental software
  • Mental health software
  • SEO software
  • Social media software

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