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What is iGMS?

iGMS is a reliable mid-tier vacation rental management software that works particularly well for properties hosted on Airbnb. The primary features include automation tools, a channel manager, and guest management features.

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iGMS Review Summary

iGMS is a short-term vacation rental management platform that was founded by Igor Kostin and Ivan Levchenko in 2015. Originally called AirGMS, the company was rebranded to iGMS (or “intelligent guest management software”) in 2019. There are currently around 80,000 properties managed with the platform.

iGMS offers the standard features required to help run vacation rental properties. The strongest features are the automation features, which streamline messaging, tasks, and reviews. However, iGMS doesn’t include website templates. There are API integrations with the biggest booking sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway/Vrbo.

iGMS pricing starts at $1 for every booked night and ranges to around $30 per property per month. There are three paid plans to choose from as well as a free plan that comes with limited features. There is a 14-day trial of the tool, which is uncommon among large vacation rental management software products.

Overall, iGMS is a reliable rental management software with strong automations. Customers we spoke to were very pleased with the platform overall, though they ultimately ended up choosing a more advanced tool with greater sophistication as their business scaled. We recommend iGMS for most rental managers, and especially Airbnb hosts who want an affordable mid-tier management software.

iGMS Pricing & Cost

iGMS pricing starts at $1 per booked night and can range up to $30 per property per month. The iGMS website has a slider tool that you can use to determine your exact cost based on your number of properties and plan.

Free Plan

  • Only up to four properties
  • Most features only work with Airbnb listings

Flexible Plan

  • Billed based on nights booked
  • Customer support responses within 48 hours

Pro Plan

  • 24 hour email and chat support
  • Between $18 and $30 per property per month
  • 33% discount if choosing yearly plan

Enterprise Plan

Contact iGMS for a custom quote.

iGMS Key Features

This review will walk you through iGMS’s main features and describe any notable benefits or drawbacks. We’ll discuss how the features can support your rental management business. To give you a sense of what the tool looks like, we’ll also include images of the software.

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Listing Information

Unfortunately, iGMS doesn’t currently offer website templates or a direct booking widget that you can implement onto your existing website, though that feature is in development. This is a deviation from the norm, as most other vacation rental management software tools offer website builders as part of their feature list. Even without those tools, though, you can still manage existing listings from other channels and create bookings from within the iGMS desktop application.

You can create listings within iGMS and create guest bookings if you have the guest’s contact information. Once this is done, you can view individual property calendars:

iGMS Booking Calendar

Bookings can be color-coded, and the red circles indicate automatically scheduled tasks that take place at the end of each reservation.

Channel Manager

With a channel manager, you can sync with property hosting sites and manage all listings from one location. This saves time and effort, as well as reduces the possibility of a property becoming double-booked. iGMS has API integrations with Airbnb, Booking.com, and HomeAway/Vrbo.

There are iCal connections for other platforms as well. You can adjust pricing, occupancy, and available dates for API-integrated properties and have those changes apply across channels.

Multiple Accounts

iGMS supports the integration of multiple Airbnb accounts, which means that if you’re a property management company managing for multiple owners, you’ll be able to connect different Airbnb accounts. This feature is particularly helpful for larger businesses.


A feature that goes hand-in-hand with the channel manager is a unified calendar that displays bookings for all properties. This calendar shows dates per property and looks very similar to the bookings calendar shown above. This feature is standard and reliable with key details shown, like the booking length, amount of money earned, scheduled tasks, and the channel the reservation was booked through.

iGMS Unified Calendar

When you select a reservation, it will drill down into reservation details and take you to the inbox, where you’ll be able to view guest information and send messages.

Other things that can be done within the multi-calendar include:

  • Examine “rate view” to alter rates
  • Create new tasks for reservations
  • Switch to a compact mode to fit more properties on screen


Communicating with guests is crucial for keeping them happy during your stay. iGMS has a strong messaging section that makes it easy to templatize and automate messages that will save you time while managing rentals. During testing, we found that direct messages sent between guests and hosts were delivered instantaneously.

Messages sent from Airbnb, HomeAway/Vrbo, and Booking.com will all be delivered to the iGMS inbox. Within each conversation with a guest, you’ll be able to write notes for each guest, see reservation details, and view a mini-calendar of the property.

Message Templates

iGMS automatically comes with message templates, which are shown in blue in this image of the inbox:

iGMS Inbox

Simply select the template you want and send it to the guest. You can alter the pre-existing templates or create your own. These templates are helpful to save time when replying to common guest queries.

Message Automations

iGMS focuses a lot on their automation features, which is evident in how easy it is to templatize and automate messages to guests. There are many predefined variables that can be uploaded into messages, and there are helpful specifications like delivery delays.

An example of the message automation feature is shown below.

iGMS Message Automation

Task Automation

Just as with the message automations, tasks are easy to schedule and automate within iGMS. Once you’ve decided on a task that needs to happen with every booking, like housekeeping upon guest checkout, simply create the task, assign it to a user, add notes or instructions, and schedule.

iGMS Task Automation

Review Management

Reviews can make or break a property’s success. Great ratings can push prospective guests to book, while negative ratings will drive guests away. Guests will be more likely to post a review of your property if you review them as well; within iGMS, you can templatize your Airbnb reviews of guests.

iGMS Review Automation

You’ll enter the message, use predefined variables to save time, and recommend the guest.

Additional Features

iGMS offers additional features, like reports and a mobile application, to support rental managers.

Payment ProcessingiGMS includes integrations with Stripe for easy payment options.
ReportsFrom within the iGMS desktop application, you can see reports regarding reservations, payouts, tasks, and monthly revenue.
Team ProfilesTeam members and owners can be given profiles so that everyone has access to the information they need.
Mobile ApplicationiGMS offers a mobile application that managers can use to run properties when they’re not at a desktop.
Keycafe IntegrationAn integration with Keycafe helps ensure a secure key exchange between stays. You can access the Keycafe account from within the iGMS dashboard.

iGMS Customer Support

iGMS has above average customer support given the variety of channels you can use to contact the team. When we had trouble syncing an Airbnb account, the problem was solved over live chat in about 20 minutes. There are also a variety of resources available to learn about the software, including guides, a blog, a help desk, and overall industry news.

Customer Support ChannelsPhone, Email, Live Chat
Other Support ResourcesProduct Demos, Help Center, Blog, Industry News, Video Tutorials
Application Status PageNo

iGMS Alternatives & Competitors

iGMS competes with other vacation rental management tools that offer similar functionality and features. The best option for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences. Some iGMS alternatives are listed below.

Is iGMS Right For You?

iGMS is a full-featured vacation rental management software with an emphasis on automations. API integrations with large channels are included, and there is a particular focus on Airbnb, with an entire section dedicated to Airbnb guest review templates. The platform does fall slightly short in that it doesn’t offer website building capabilities.

Overall, the tool is intuitive to use and we didn’t find any outstanding issues. Guest messages were quite reliable and the customer support team was notably responsive and helpful. Because of the tool’s reliability and focus on automations, we highly recommend it for those with a small to medium number of Airbnb-listed properties.

If you’re interested in testing iGMS, sign up for a 14-day free trial.

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