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What is Tokeet?

Tokeet is a vacation rental management software that is best for rental managers on a budget with fewer than five properties. The platform includes a channel manager, website builder, and advanced rental statistics.

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Tokeet Review Summary

Tokeet is a short-term vacation rental management platform that was founded by Kwesi Steele in 2015. The founder was in the rental space himself and found himself wanting a tool to make property management easier, which led to Tokeet’s founding. The company currently has around 3,000 customers and there are 10,000 active properties managed with Tokeet.

Tokeet offers the standard features found in vacation rental management software tools like a channel manager, centralized calendar, and booking management. We found Tokeet’s strongest feature to be the reporting section, which includes graphs and listed data concerning inquiries, invoices, tasks, expenses, and revenue.

Tokeet pricing ranges from around $2 per property per month to $9.99 per property per month, making it one of the cheapest per-property tools on the market. The features included in your plan will depend on the number of managed properties. For example, if you list one rental you’ll get the channel and reservation manager, whereas if you list 10 rentals, you’ll also get a website builder and payment gateways.

Tokeet is a tool that offers a solid reporting section, but that has a slow-to-load messaging feature. Customers mention that the setup process is fairly self-guided without much assistance from the company itself. Overall, it’s a tool that will work for those on a budget with fewer than five properties. However, if you have more than that, we recommend opting for tools that enable smoother automations and more reliable messages. Check out some alternatives below:

  • iGMS is a reliable mid-tier solution
  • Lodgify is a site that’s strong for website templates
  • OwnerRez is a strong choice for owners with a few properties

Tokeet Pricing & Cost

Tokeet pricing ranges from around $2 per property per month to $9.99 per month for one property. The price changes with each property you add, which you can check using the slider tool on their pricing page. Certain features are restricted depending on your amount of properties, so check our table or Tokeet’s website below to see if your potential plan would offer your required features.

General Pricing Details

  • One Property: $9.99 per month
  • Five Properties: $8.00 per property per month
  • 10 Properties: $6.50 per property per month
  • 25 Properties: $7.20 per property per month
  • 100 Properties: $3.90 per property per month

Additional Costs

These are features you can add to your plan for an additional cost. Depending on your Tokeet plan, some of these features may be included — for example, the Owner Center is included free of charge on the Agent Plan or higher.

  • Automata (booking automations): $9.99
  • Automations (messaging automations): $4.99
  • Booking Engine: $4.99
  • Owner Center: $9.99
  • Rategenie: $9.99
  • Signature (accept signatures): $4.99
  • Webready Airbnb Connector: $4.99
  • Website Widget: $0.99

Tokeet Key Features

This review will walk through the notable points of Tokeet’s major features. We’ll describe each one briefly and discuss how the tool can support your rental management business. To give you a sense of what the tool looks like, we’ll also include images of the software.

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Website Templates

Having a website specifically for your rental property is beneficial to host listings and gain direct bookings. Tokeet offers a website builder, called Webready, that you can use to build and customize a direct booking site. Compared with competitors’ website builders, Tokeet’s is strong.

Setting up one rental website is free, and payment can be accepted directly on this site with the Tokeet booking widget. There are six templates to choose from (four standard and two premium) and they are easy to set up, though highly customizable. Below is an example of what it will look like to set up your website:

Tokeet Webready

Listing Management

You can create both listings and bookings from within Tokeet. To create listings, you’ll enter the following information:

  • General information
  • Detailed information
  • Property photos
  • Instructions for guests (like check-in times, etc)
  • Location
  • Custom information
Tokeet Direct Listing

To create a direct booking from within the dashboard, you’ll need guest information and the preferred number of nights, number of guests, and more. Should you have that information ready, you’ll be able to create the booking for them.

Centralized Calendar

The centralized calendar is possibly the most important feature for a vacation rental management software to offer. Once you’ve connected the channels your properties are listed on, the centralized calendar will show data from all the channels in one place so you know where bookings are coming from, how to contact guests, and more. Tokeet’s centralized calendar gives all the data required to manage different channels.

The calendar will show this view:

Tokeet Centralized Calendar

Some actions you can take from the centralized calendar include:

  • See all reservation start and end dates
  • View by available and booked dates
  • Check across different months and years
  • View property-specific bookings
  • Drill down into each booking to see stay details
  • Send messages to guests and create booking details
  • Create new bookings, import calendars, or share calendars

Channel Manager

Channel managers synchronize property data across hosting channels like Airbnb and Syncing properties streamlines the process of keeping calendars up to date, and it should prevent double bookings. Tokeet offers API integrations with Airbnb,, Agoda, Expedia, and HomeAway/Vrbo. The five included API integrations are more than some competitors offer.

The API connection allows you to synchronize guest information, receive booking details, and message guests. You’ll also be able to create calendar connections with other sites like Flipkey and HolidayLettings, to name just a few.

Guest Communication

It’s important to have frequent and prompt communication with guests to keep them satisfied while staying at your properties. Tokeet’s desktop application has a lag in message delivery. Messages sent from guests do not automatically show up in the inbox—we sent a test “visitor” message that had still not appeared in the Tokeet inbox around 10 minutes later. For the message to show up, we had to actively refresh the page. On the bright side, the Tokeet mobile application did not have this issue and incoming messages appeared quickly.

While desktop load times are slow, a benefit of this section is that each guest’s detailed booking information is shown to the right of each message thread.

Tokeet Messaging

Automated Messages

Automated messages are the best way to ensure that your interactions with guests are timely and accurate. Customers must first create message templates in the template section, and then go to the automations section to schedule messages. There aren’t many events that customers can create an automated message for within Tokeet, which constrains the usefulness of automated messaging. To create more advanced automated messages, customers can purchase the Automations add-on.


We found that Tokeet’s strongest feature is their reporting section. They’ve built a reporting application called Margins that houses all data regarding vacation rentals. Customers can access Margins through the dashboard and will see itemized lists and graphs with data breakdowns per channel.

Revenue and Monetary Reports

Graphs will be provided regarding your monthly revenue and income, and the data will also be provided in a monthly table below. Both views are important for visualizing and understanding your property data.

Tokeet Graphs

Task Reports

Within Margins, you can manually input all tasks associated with property upkeep, such as maintenance, mortgage payments, housekeeping, and more. Though it’s tedious to manually enter each expense, it’s very helpful to track payment method, due date, and more.

Tokeet Reports

Reporting Sections

The sections included in Tokeet’s Margins application are listed below.

  • Inquiries
  • Bookings
  • Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Tasks

Additional Features

Additional features, including integration details, are listed below.

Rate ManagerWithin Tokeet’s calendar, you can alter property rates. You can also integrate with Rategenie to manage rates, which Tokeet recommends.
IntegrationsTokeet has pre-built integrations with a variety of applications, from payment processing tools to electronic signature tools. There are currently 16 integrations available.
Mobile ApplicationA mobile application allows you to respond to messages, manage listings, and more while on the go. We downloaded and tested the application and found that it works well.
Guest InformationAn entire section dedicated to guest profiles can be found in Tokeet’s dashboard. This includes contact information, past bookings and messages, guest attributes, and more.
Task ManagementTo ensure tasks are completed for each property, there’s a section to create users, assign tasks, and set a time the tasks must be completed by. Unfortunately, automating tasks may cost extra (depending on your plan) with Automata, Tokeet’s add-on tool.
ExpensesAn itemized list of expenses provides an overview of costs, the associated property, method of payment, expense type, and more.

Tokeet Customer Support

Tokeet has decent customer support. Customers can call or email, and there’s a live chat widget within the dashboard for current customers. Customers have, however, complained that the support process while onboarding is lacking.

Customer Support ChannelsPhone, Email, Live Chat
Other Support ResourcesWebinars, Help Center, Knowledge Base
Application Status PageNo

Tokeet Alternatives & Competitors

Tokeet is similar to other vacation rental management software tools like Lodgify, a competitor that also has strong website templates. Other competitors are listed below.

Is Tokeet Right For You?

Tokeet is a vacation rental management software with features like a channel manager, website builder, and advanced rental statistics. The reports and modern website templates are particularly strong, but there are also a couple drawbacks. The messaging tool loads slowly and features that are included in other platforms—like task automation, direct booking engine, smart rate management, and owner access—will cost extra depending on your plan. We found using the tool to be a bit tedious overall compared with our testing experiences with other rental management platforms.

Tokeet has all the key features required of a vacation rental management software. It’s a budget-friendly tool that has both weak points and strong sections, and will work if you’re managing fewer than five properties. There are also tools we recommend for those with more properties. Check out some alternatives below:

  • iGMS is a reliable mid-tier solution
  • Lodgify is a site that’s strong for website templates
  • OwnerRez is a strong choice for owners with a few properties

If you’re interested in testing Tokeet, sign up for a free trial.

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