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Best Teledentistry Software

Looking for the best teledentistry software to treat patients remotely? Here's a short list of the top solutions used by thousands of dental practices nationwide.

Teledentistry has been used for many years. Interest has peaked as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many new vendors have entered the market with teledental products. As a result, it is challenging to evaluate the various options. To streamline the vendor selection process, we've created a short-list of the best teledentistry software.

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How Does Teledentistry Software Work?

Conducting appointments using video conferencing in teledentistry software is akin to in-person appointments. Each software platform has slight differences, but the core functionality is similar.

The first step is to send your dental patient an appointment invitation. Invitations are typically sent as a unique URL through text or email. Solutions like Simplifeye have live web chatters that can act as your front-office staff, and automate this step for you.

After clicking the link, the patient will be sent to a virtual waiting room. Many solutions will send you a text or email notification to alert you that the patient is ready to be seen.

Using the video-conferencing feature, you can conduct a face-to-face appointment to treat your patient. Teledentistry appointments are great for conducting:

  • Problem-focused evaluations for assessing the urgency of patients
  • Post-operative evaluations
  • Prescribing medication

Many solutions are equipped with additional features to help streamline these virtual appointments like capturing photos, sharing screens, and transfering files.

After the virtual appointment ends, you can process e-prescriptions, submit your invoice, and send your front-office staff pertinent documentation.

What Services Can I Provide With Teledentistry?

Teledentistry can not replace physical dental examinations, but there are several billable services that you can provide using this tool. Several services include patient triage & emergency evaluations, post-operative evaluations, non-emergency orthodontic evaluations, and oral health classes.

Patient Triage and Emergency Evaluations

Video conferencing is an effective way to determine the severity of your patient’s condition, and create a useful treatment plan. Evaluating patients remotely is easier through video chat, rather than a phone call. For example, patients can show you their chipped tooth or gum abscesses through the video call. You could then determine if they need immediate treatment or schedule them for a future appointment.

Post-operative Evaluations

Teledentistry is an efficient way to check up on patients after procedures. Through video-conferencing, you can evaluate their condition, address any concerns & questions, and prescribe medication.

Non-emergency Orthodontic Evaluations

Patients can use video conferencing to show you issues they are experiencing. Dentists we spoke to told SoftwarePundit they used teledentistry software to solve aligner issues and poking wires.

Oral Health Classes

Teledentistry software can be used for virtual group classes where you can teach oral health best practices. Some types of oral health classes you could conduct are smoking cessation courses and proper oral care classes for children.

Teledentistry Benefits

There are several benefits to implementing teledentistry in your practice. A few of these benefits include increased access to treatment, boost revenue, and increase safety.

Increased Access to Treatment

The primary benefit of teledentistry is that it allows practices to offer treatment to patients remotely. Although teledentistry can not replace physical dental examinations and treatment, it is an effective tool to conduct problem-based evaluations, particularly in the event of unexpected closure. Additionally, this technology makes your practice available to patients who are unable to travel to your office.

Increased Revenue

Because teledentistry appointments are billable, it is an effective way to add an additional stream of revenue to your practice. This boost in revenue is especially important when you are unable to treat patients in-person.

Increased Safety

Teledentistry allows you to connect with patients from two separate locations. This is helpful during an event like the Covid-19 pandemic, where social interactions are significantly impacted. With teledentistry, patients can receive the treatment they desire at a safe distance.

Teledentistry Software Features

There are several vendors that offer teledentistry in their platform. Some solutions are tailored specifically for teledentistry. Other solutions offer teledentistry as one part of a broader product suite.

Here are several teledentistry features that you should look for in your teledentistry software:

  • HIPAA-compliant video conferencing
  • Two-way texting and email support
  • Virtual front desk
  • Patient waiting room
  • Appointment reminders & confirmations
  • File transfer
  • Online payment processing
  • HIPAA, PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant
  • Customer support
  • EHR integration
  • Practice management system integration
  • Patient communication system integration

How Much Does Teledentistry Software Cost?

The cheapest solutions for teledentistry start at around $50 per month. Software solutions like Simplifeye and Solutionreach that offer teledentistry as a part of their platforms cost around $350 per month. These platforms come with a variety of features beyond teledentistry, including virtual front desks, appointment reminders, and online payment processing.

If the $350 price tag is a barrier for you, then you should consider is a stand-alone telemedicine tool that costs less than $50 per month.

Best Teledentistry Software

We’ve analyzed the most popular, highest-quality teledentistry solutions in the market. Read the solution overviews to find the best product for your dental practice. is a telemedicine platform that is used by over 200,000 providers nationwide. offers free HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, as well as other features like text notifications and patient waiting rooms in their paid plans. is an ideal option for dental practices who are new to teledentistry, and do not want to commit to an expensive subscription. You can learn more by reading our in-depth review.

Starting Price$0 per month
Notable Featurespatient waiting room, text chat, text & email notifications, file transfer, payment processing
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Simplifeye is a live web chat service used by thousands of dental and medical practices nationwide. They recently released a teledentistry platform, Simplifeye Connect, that is included in the base price.

Simplifeye is an ideal option for practices who want to pair their teledentistry appointments with a virtual front desk. You can also learn more by reading our in-depth Simplifeye Review.

Starting Price$349 per month
Notable Featureslive web chat service, embedded live chat for websites, dedicated chat team

Visit Simplifeye


Solutionreach is a popular patient communication system that is used in dentistry, as well as other industries like chiropractic and optometry. They recently added SR Telehealth, a teledentistry functionality, which fully integrates with their communication features.

Solutionreach is your best option if you want to augment your teledentistry appointments with robust two-way texting and online payment processing. You can learn more by reading our in-depth Solutionreach review.

Starting Price
  • $299 per month
  • $39 per month for SR Telehealth
Notable Featurestwo-way texting, automated appointment reminders, online payment processing, digital patient intake forms, review solicitation
Visit Solutionreach


RevenueWell is a popular patient communication system that recently added a telehealth feature to their platform. This software aims to help practices reduce patient no-shows and reactivate patients with features such as automated appointment reminders and online appointment request portals.

If you are looking for a teledentistry tool that integrates with patient communication features, this is the best option for you. You can learn more by reading our in-depth RevenueWell review.

Starting Price$339 per month
Notable Featuresautomated appointment reminders, reputation management, online appointment requests, online patient portal

Visit RevenueWell

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