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What is Tidio?

Tidio is a live chat software that is used on over 300,000 websites worldwide. It includes features like buildable chatbot workflows and email marketing templates.

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Tidio Review Summary

Tidio was founded by Titus Gołas and Martin Wiktor in 2013. Today, Tidio is used on over 300,000 websites. The company is currently headquartered in Szczecin, Poland, and has additional offices in London and San Francisco.

When all the plans are combined, Tidio offers a live chat feature, unlimited chatbots with customizable workflows, email marketing functionality, and basic site reporting. Tidio has built integrations with several of the most popular software applications. This includes Zapier, which allows customers to integrate with thousands of other software systems.

Tidio is an affordable live chat solution. It offers three products for $10-$18 each, and you only need to pay for the products you want to purchase. In addition, Tidio has an entirely free plan, which is ideal for small businesses looking for live chat features. This pricing model provides a great deal of freedom for Tidio customers.

Overall, Tidio is a simple and user-friendly software. However, we recommend exercising caution because the chat notifications are unreliable, which could severely impact customer service quality. Given its flexible pricing options and easy-to-navigate layout, Tidio is ideal for smaller businesses that are looking for a straightforward live chat tool. If you’re a large business searching for a more powerful tool geared towards lead generation, we suggest opting for Drift or Intercom.

Tidio Pricing & Cost

Tidio pricing ranges from $10 to $46 per month depending on the products you want to purchase. Extra live chat seats cost $10 each, and there are no long-term contracts.

  • Free: Includes basic live chat and chatbot features
  • Chatbots: Starts at $18 per month for unlimited active chatbots and chatbot templates
  • Communicator: Starts at $18 per month for live typing insights and valuable customer information
  • Email Marketing: Starts at $10 per month for key email campaign capabilities
  • Professional Plan: Contact Tidio for custom pricing

Tidio Key Features

We will walk through some of the major features that Tidio offers, and how those features would support your company’s customer engagement requirements. We’ll also include images of the tool to demonstrate the software’s layout and overall design.

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Live Chat

Live chat is a customer service tool that allows customer service representatives, often referred to as “agents”, to interact with website visitors in real time. The chat window, called a widget, is accessible to visitors when they enter the website. Though the visual chat notifications can be unreliable, Tidio’s live chat capabilities are effective and intuitive.

Chat Interface

When logging into the Tidio workspace, the first tab on the left is the Chat tab, where you will see chat history. All conversations can be viewed or the conversations can be narrowed down to specific agents. Agents will be notified of waiting chats with both a sound and a red notification bubble. Below is an image of the chat interface:

Tidio Chat

Visitors will have a much different view when they access your site. They’ll see the chat widget, usually placed on the bottom left or bottom right corner of the screen:

Tidio Widget

Outside of the notifications issue, Tidio’s live chat is a solid option, especially when considering the free plan.

Key Live Chat Features

Tidio offers important live chat features designed for agents to respond to visitors efficiently. Below is a table of those features. Overall, Tidio includes most key components found across live chat options; however, it does lack a few nuanced features like eye-catchers for the chat widget.

Quick ResponsesQuick—or canned— responses are predetermined chat shortcuts that save agents time when interacting with visitors. Customers can create, save, and use an unlimited number of quick responses and access them by typing “/” in chats.
Typing PreviewAgents can see what the visitor is typing in the chat widget before they’ve hit send, which allows them to respond to queries rapidly.
File SharingAgents can send files, images, and GIFs to visitors within the chat.
Visitor InformationWithin chats, the visitor’s email, device, IP address, and viewed pages are displayed to the agent. Additional visitor information can be accessed through the Visitors tab, where agents can see the visitor’s country and browser choice.
Conversation HistoryTidio saves all chat conversations, which are easily accessible to all agents. If a site visitor returns and uses the chat again, agents can pick up conversations where they left off.
Widget CustomizationsTidio customers can lightly customize the chat widget by altering the colors, background, and position on the page.


Chatbots are software tools that have been programmed to engage in conversation with customers, often to answer questions and provide support. They provide essential customer service support when no agents are online to chat with visitors live. We tested Tidio’s chatbot and found it effective and powerful, yet the workflow feature was not as intuitive to use as Crisp’s bot builder.

Tidio’s main chatbot features include customizable workflows, where customers can create a bot from scratch, as well as 21 chatbot templates that are ready to use.

Customizable Workflows

Tidio’s customizable workflows makes it easy to create chatbots without any code. Businesses often design chatbots to greet visitors, provide answers to simple questions, or gather visitors’ contact information. Bot building begins with a trigger that dictates when the chatbot will first interact with visitors—for example, the bot could be designed to activate when a visitor engages with a certain page. From there, bots can be built as simply or intricately as you like.

Tidio Chatbot Workflow

Customers will be able to name each chatbot and test the bots before publishing to ensure that they work correctly. The chatbots will then be available in the wider chatbot tab, where you can see the number of bots being used and which are active or inactive.

Chatbot Templates

Tidio offers 21 pre-built chatbot templates that are divided into three categories: Generate Leads, Boost Online Sales, and Enhance Communication. While you can simply click on a template and begin using the bot immediately, all the templates can also be altered to your specifications. Below is an example of the “Boost Online Sales” templates that Tidio offers:

Tidio Bot Templates

The three template categories make it simple for Tidio customers to select bots based on their business and customer experience goals.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is crucial for a company to understand and improve the efficiency of live chat and customer engagement. We found that the metrics offered within Tidio’s platform are lacking, especially when compared to the metrics included within other tools like Freshchat. The information Tidio does offer includes the number of leads acquired, visitors on your website, and the amount of chats and messages per day.

Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab is where customers will access data on operators, chats, and leads acquired. Customers are able to analyze their agents’ reaction time, the percentage of total chats agents have handled, and how many messages each agent has sent. The chat graph can be viewed daily or monthly and the date range can be customized.

Tidio Analytics Tab

One drawback to the analytics tab is that information does not update in real time—it takes a couple hours for data to populate in the charts.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy that typically generates 5-20% of a business’ revenue. Email campaigns are particularly useful for engaging customers and boosting sales. Tidio’s $10 per month email marketing plan gives customers the opportunity to create and send email campaigns directly from Tidio. We found the email marketing tools to be straightforward and easy to use.

Build-Your-Own Campaigns

Even individuals with no knowledge of HTML can build email campaigns. When creating a newsletter or marketing email from scratch within Tidio, customers will enter the campaign name, email subject, select the audience, and customize the content. One helpful aspect of this tool is the ability to visually preview the email’s appearance on desktop or mobile devices.


Along with the ability to create a campaign from scratch, Tidio offers email marketing templates. Once you upload your company logo and name, you’ll be able to edit the template to your specifications.

Tidio Email Template

Tidio has built email templates for specific industries. The industries included are:

  • Agency
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Blog
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants & Food
  • Services
  • Other

Tidio offers some metrics about the email campaigns, including recipient volume, open rate, click rate and number of unsubscribes. However, if you want more advanced metrics, it will be necessary to integrate with Mailchimp, or use Zapier to integrate with another email marketing solution.


Tidio has built integrations with 17 software tools across four major categories: customer relationship management (CRM), help desk, e-commerce, and email marketing. A particularly advantageous integration is Zapier, which connects Tidio with more than 1,000 additional tools.

Examples of some key integrations are:

  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Shopify
  • Zendesk

Tidio Customer Support

As expected, Tidio’s customer support is fairly robust over live chat. The Tidio chatbots are complex and can answer most customer questions. We found that agents were available to speak almost immediately after sending a chat during the week.

Customer Support ChannelsLive chat, Email
Customer Support AvailabilityLive chat: 24/5; Email: Responses within 24 hours
Other Support ResourcesBlog, YouTube videos, Knowledge base
Application Status PageYes

Tidio Alternatives & Competitors

The top Tidio competitors are listed below. In terms of monthly cost, Tidio is similar in price to Pure Chat and Freshchat. Tidio’s free plan is more well-rounded than the free plans offered by Crisp; however, it is not as robust as the free Tawk.to option.

Is Tidio Right For You?

Tidio is a live chat and email marketing software that’s used by over 300,000 websites. Tidio offers a substantial free plan that includes basic chatbot and email campaign capabilities. The pricing plans are flexible and operate on a mix-and-match basis.

Tidio is a solid software with one significant drawback: the notifications are not foolproof. We recommend Tidio for small to medium companies that want a hassle-free experience using live chat software. If you are searching for a slightly more advanced tool or have a large number of customer service representatives, we recommend trying Crisp or LiveChat.

If you are interested in trying Tidio, sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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