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What is SMSBump?

SMSBump is an SMS marketing platform for Shopify and BigCommerce businesses looking to execute SMS marketing campaigns. Over 90,000 businesses have used SMSBump for their ecommerce stores. Standout features like campaign flows, segmentations, and diverse automations help both new and experienced ecommerce businesses build successful SMS marketing campaigns.

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SMSBump Review Summary

SMSBump was founded by Mihail Stoychev in 2017. In 2020, it was acquired by ecommerce marketing platform Yotpo. Today, SMSBump is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. With a customer count growing to over 90,000 businesses, the company expanded operations to BigCommerce. They’re planning to expand to WooCommerce soon.

SMSBump’s features help you build your subscriber lists, create campaigns, and segment subscribers. These features help your business send relevant, targeted messages. SMSBump balances an intuitive user experience with robust features. This makes SMSBump feel effortless for both experienced and new SMS marketers.

SMSBump's pricing ranges from $19 to $199 per month for platform access, plus about 1 cent per SMS message. Prices are based on features, with a free option available as well.

Overall, SMSBump is one of the best SMS marketing platforms for Shopify and BigCommerce businesses. Subscriber list building options are diverse, and segmentation and analytics are organized very well. SMSBump is easy to use for beginners in the SMS marketing space, but doesn't sacrifice its most powerful aspects in being so.

SMSBump Pricing & Cost

SMSBump pricing starts at $19 per month. Unlike many other SMS marketing tools, a free plan is available. Note that pricing is based on features with additional message fees.

Plan NamePriceFeatures
  • SMS campaigns and automations
  • Primary subscription tools
  • Audience segmentation
  • ROI and performance Analytics
  • Yotpo integrations
  • 24/7 email and chat support
  • All Free features
  • SMS flow builder
  • Keyword subscriber collection
  • Advanced analytics
  • Integrate your tech stack
  • Business name
  • All Growth features
  • Full suite of subscriber collection tools
  • Timezone-based messages
  • Export analytics and reports
  • Branded URLs
  • Priority email and chat support
  • All Prime features
  • Conversational SMS flows
  • Unlimited A/B testing
  • AI-powered predictive segmentation
  • Customisable analytics dashboard
  • Shopify POS integration
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist
EnterpriseContact SMSBump
  • All powerhouse features
  • Custom reporting
  • Advanced compliance solutions
  • Dedicated short code
  • Multi-domain
  • Enterprise client success manager

Messaging prices vary by country, here are rates for the United States:


SMSBump Features

Let’s discuss the major features that SMSBump offers and how they can help your SMS marketing and ecommerce goals. Product screenshots are included to demonstrate the user interface and design.

Subscriber List Building

SMSBump gives you many effective options for building your subscriber list. Keywords, pop-ups, and manual imports are the main ways to build your list using SMSBump.



Keywords are one of the primary ways to build an SMS contact list. Subscribers text a keyword to your number to opt-in and become a contact.


As you can see above, creating a keyword in SMSBump is straightforward. After choosing your keyword name and type, you can assign it to a list so subscribers are automatically added. Unfortunately, your mandatory TCPA compliance message is not complimentary.

Setting up your response to keyword messages is just as simple. Custom fields are available to plug into your message. You can also add a unique discount code with the click of a button – this is one of many examples of SMSBump catering specifically to ecommerce businesses.



SMSBump has one of the most diverse web pop-up creators of any SMS marketing tool. Here are the four different types of forms:

  • Pop-Up
  • Floating Button
  • Shareable Subscribe Link
  • Embedded Form

The main difference between each type is their design. The pop-up creator is robust for all form types.


You can edit your form by clicking on the element you want to change. From there, SMSBump provides a number of options to change, like text, fonts, and color.

Once your subscriber capture form has been designed, you are taken to a settings page to specify exactly how you want it to function on your website. This end-to-end process is far more seamless than in other applications that we tested, which is another example of SMSBump’s strong usability.

Manual Importing

SMSBump also allows you to import contacts only through .CSV files. If you go this route, you’ll need to contact support as an added layer of protection for TCPA compliance.


Segmentation in SMSBump is superb. The powerful tool comes with a plethora of segment conditions. It’s also designed very well – which makes it usable for newcomers and experienced SMS marketers.


This is another area where SMSBump’s focus on ecommerce adds value – the segmentation options are tailored specifically for ecommerce businesses. SMSBump’s segmentation conditions are organized into the five categories below:

CategorySegment Conditions
Customer Behavior
  • Money spent
  • Number of orders
  • Placed an order
  • Not ordered since
  • Ordered or not ordered specific product(s)
  • Ordered from or not ordered from a collection
  • Abandoned an order
Customer Attributes
  • Tagged or not tagged with
  • Gender
  • Account status
  • Date created
Location based
  • Located or not located in specific country
  • Located in or outside the European Union
  • Proximity to location
SMSBump properties
  • Subscribed from specific source
  • Conversation flows
  • Is or is not part of a segment
  • Is or is not part of a list
  • Clicked on a SMSBump link

SMSBump has a number of templated segments already prepared for both new and experienced SMS marketers. As you would expect, these segments are designed with ecommerce businesses in mind.


Message Creation

SMBump’s message creation is tailored for ecommerce businesses. For example, the platform has numerous custom fields, and they’re built to be used specifically for ecommerce campaigns.

Custom Fields

SMSBump has a plethora of custom fields to choose from. Specific custom fields are available to you depending on whether you’re building campaigns or automations. As a result, you’re able to personalize all types of campaigns very efficiently


Custom fields can be used in both custom campaign building and automations. Here are some of the most common custom fields for ecommerce businesses:

  • First & Last Name
  • Discount URL
  • Store Name
  • Abandoned Checkout URL
  • Order ID
  • Shipment Status

Campaign Building

SMSBump has two main ways to create campaigns: custom campaigns and flows. Custom campaigns are easy to set up with unique scheduling options. Flows utilize segmentation and automation, which makes them incredibly powerful for ecommerce store owners.

International Coverage

SMSBump provides both SMS and MMS coverage in every single country except North Korea. This is by far the most flexible coverage of any SMS marketing tool. Messages are sent via short codes, unique phone numbers, or even your brand name.

Custom Campaigns

Building a campaign in SMSBump is simple. Unique features include custom UTM codes for Google Analytics tracking, GIPHY and Pexels integration for MMS texts, and custom discount code generators.

Scheduling options are more advanced than other platforms. In addition to normal scheduling, SMSBump provides “Smart Sending”. This enables an interval of 16 hours to leave room between texts you’ve sent subscribers.

If someone in the list you’re sending a campaign to has received a text in the last 16 hours, they will not receive your campaign. This time interval can be changed in the settings. This is a good way to prevent spam.



Flows are visualized, complex campaign builders that utilize automation, triggers, and segmentation to engage with your audience. They are the most powerful way to create campaigns and boost ROI for your ecommerce business that SMSBump offers.


Flows are very robust. They might seem overwhelming for people new to SMS marketing. Luckily, SMSBump provides a number of template flows to help you:

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Customer Winback
  • Post Purchase
  • New Subscriber
  • Customer Care
  • Conversation Flows
  • Holiday Flows
  • Transactional

A/B Testing

SMSBump’s A/B testing is integrated into the custom campaign builder section. You can simultaneously test up to five different SMS messages.

Here are types of tests that ecommerce businesses often run:

  • Wording
  • Call to Action
  • Message Length
  • Message Content

Two-Way Conversations

SMSBump has an inbox, or live chat, where you can manage two-way conversations with subscribers. Although intuitive and easy to use, it’s only available with paid plans.

All client texts are handled in the Chat tab of SMSBump. The UI is sleek, and includes relevant information about each customer to streamline conversation management.


Available subscriber information includes name, address, client length, number of orders, and total money spent. SMSBump tailors information based on customer store activity. This is yet another example of SMSBump’s fluid and user-friendly experience.


Automations are messages that are sent once a trigger event is activated. Creating automations in SMSBump is streamlined for both newcomers and experienced SMS marketers.

The automations page looks similar to the campaign creation page, except you can choose an automation type. Automation types are triggers that send your message once activated. This is perfect for marketers who don’t want to run complex automations in the flows tabs, but still want a powerful way to engage with subscribers.

Here are the different types of triggers you can select:

Trigger TypeExamples
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder
  • Product Upsell
  • Customer Winback
Customer Care
  • New order
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Order delivered feedback
  • Cash on delivery (OTP)
Shopify events
  • Order paid, cancelled, or refunded
  • Shipping update
  • New customer registration
  • Customer deleted
  • Product created or deleted

Just like flows and segments, SMSBump provides a helpful list of templated automations.



Ecommerce businesses produce tons of data – being able to properly analyze this data is critical for understanding current performance and identifying improvement opportunities. In SMSBump, analytics can be leveraged for true success. SMSBump includes analytics for ROI, revenue, flows, automations, forms, and more.


The analytics dashboard is very comprehensive.


In addition to statistics like revenue sources and total spent, you can check your most successful campaigns and automations, top paying customers, and top purchased products.

Each statistic in the revenue sources panel has an additional detailed breakdown once clicked. Overall, the entire analytics experience feels very user-friendly.

SMSBump Integrations

SMSBump has a diverse selection of integrations, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • CartHook
  • MailChimp
  • Klaviyo
  • Zendesk
  • Re:amaze
  • Gorgias
  • Slack
Subscriber Growth
  • Recart
  • Wheelio
  • Privy

SMSBump Customer Service

SMSBump’s customer support team is reachable through live chat and email. Live chat representatives respond within minutes with 24/7 availability.

SMSBump has a plethora of secondary material like product tutorials and SMS marketing tips. On their website, you can find free ebooks on SMS marketing. These secondary materials are tailored for new and experienced SMS marketers in the ecommerce space.

Customer Support ChannelsLive chat, email
Other Support ResourcesSMS marketing ebooks, product demos
Application Status PageYes

SMSBump Alternatives & Competitors

SMSBump competes with a number of SMS marketing tools that either support all businesses or hone in on specific industries like ecommerce. It competes most directly with Postscript.

Here are some of their top competitors:

We've analyzed SMSBump compared to its top competitor, Postscript. Read this in-depth analyses that evaluate SMSBump's cost, features and ease of use compared to alternatives:

For a full breakdown, read our analysis of SMSBump Competitors & Alternatives.

Is SMSBump Right For You?

SMSBump is an affordable and powerful SMS marketing solution used by over 90,000 businesses. It includes essential features most SMS marketing tools have. Its strongest features are its campaign builders, segmentation, and automations.

SMSBump’s intuitive design and ease of use make it a perfect choice for ecommerce businesses. 24/7 availability from the customer service team and fair pricing are additional reasons for ecommerce businesses to adopt the platform. Both new and experienced SMS marketers can take full advantage of SMSBump.

If you're interested, you can try SMSBump today.

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