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How to Use Denticon Reporting to Measure Your Performance

Denticon’s robust reporting provides useful insight into your business, so you can monitor the performance of your practice and discover improvement opportunities.

Reporting is an integral component of any practice management system. Overall, Denticon has strong reporting – it has numerous dashboards with hundreds of data points.

Since Denticon is a cloud-based system, the tool measures the performance for single and multiple locations without the need for exports or spreadsheet manipulation. Reports can be accessed anywhere from an internet-connected device.

Denticon has three reporting options:

  • Denticon comes standard with a robust, built-in reporting module with a variety of report categories.
  • Dentilytics Basic is an ideal tool for morning huddles that visualizes KPIs that your team should focus on in the day to come.
  • Dentilytics Enterprise is an advanced reporting tool that allows DSO analytics teams to create customized and interactive reports.

Check out our in-depth Denticon review for full analysis of this software.

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What is Reporting?

The reporting module of your practice management system visualizes key data about your practice's performance, so that your team can better understand your practice and identify improvement opportunities. To be effective, your practice management system must access accurate data, and visualize it in a digestible format.

Common Dental Practice Management Reports

Most dental practice management systems offer the same categories of reports. For each category, there are numerous KPIs that you can track to better understand your practice. As a result, it's important to identify and monitor the most important dental KPIs for your practice.

Report CategoryExample KPIs
Accounting & Finance
  • Pending accounts receivable of all scheduled patients
  • Total dollar amount of pending treatment for today's continuing care exams
  • Aging balances
  • Treatment $ scheduled
  • Treatment $ completed
  • Number of new patients seen
  • Patients who scheduled treatment
  • Number of emergency exams
  • Number of continuing exams
  • New patient projections
  • Average crown fee & % of porcelain crown
  • Sales revenue
  • Cost per lead
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Inbound marketing ROI
  • Patient wait time
  • Patient status tracking
  • Staff-to-patient ratio
  • Net production vs. goal
  • Average daily production MTD
  • Scheduled production
  • Total production average needed to meet goal
  • Production by referral type YTD
  • Production per hour
  • Cancellation rate
  • Missed appointment rate
  • No-show rate
  • Number of patients without next appointment booked
  • No reappointment %
  • Patients that have not had scaling and root planing in over 24 months
  • Collection 2019 vs 2020
  • Average insurance claim processing time & cost
  • YTD Collection % of Net Production
  • Outstanding claims
  • Claims not created/on hold
  • Unbilled insurance claims
  • New patients by carrier
  • New patients by month
  • Collection by office by day
  • Collection by provider by month
  • Treatments diagnosed
  • Treatment acceptance rate
  • Treatment completion rate
  • Scheduled continuing care exams

Denticon Reporting Pricing

  • Denticon Built-in Reporting: Comes free with the software.
  • Dentilytics Basic: Add-on feature included in all bundle packages.
  • Dentilytics Enterprise: Add-on feature that costs a few hundred dollars per month. Denticon offers a price reduction if purchased in a bundle package.

Denticon Reporting Overview

Overall, Denticon reporting is quite strong. The system has three modules that you can use to gain insight into your practice: built-in reporting, Dentilytics Basic, and Dentilytics Enterprise. We've included an overview of each module below along with screenshots of reports found in each.

Built-in Denticon Reporting

Denticon comes standard with strong reporting capabilities to help you visualize key data about your practice’s performance. With over 300 canned reports, your team can cover a variety of KPIs without purchasing any add-ons. All reports can be generated by group or by office, which makes Denticon ideal for multilocation practices. Denticon offers a wide range of report categories.

  • Daily reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Ledger reports
  • Management reports
  • Insurance reports
  • Appointment reports
  • Treatment Plan reports
  • Referral reports
  • Recall reports
  • Ortho reports

There are several particularly helpful reports found in Denticon. These are reports that you should generate consistently to ensure your practice is operating optimally.

Daily Journal Detail

dentilytics enterprise

With just a few clicks in Denticon, your front office can access the daily journal detail report to analyze the overall production of your practice that day. With this report, your team can ensure that all scheduled patients were seen, and that every transaction was recorded. This report can be filtered by services, payments, and adjustments. Also, it covers all procedures itemized by patient, and shows a recap of all charge estimates by patient and insurance.

Claims Not Created

dentilytics enterprise

A critical part of claims processing is quickly creating and submitting accurate claims, so you are reimbursed as soon as possible. This report reveals any claims that your staff missed. Using this report daily will prevent your practice from receiving an EOB that denies a claim because of a failure to file in a timely manner.

Uncollected Copay Report

dentilytics enterprise

Collecting copays upfront is more efficient and secure than sending statements after your patients leave your office. This report shows which patients didn’t pay their copay, and which front desk staff member didn’t collect.

Dentilytics Basic

Consistently emphasizing KPIs keeps your team accountable and goal oriented. Dentilytics Basic’s dashboard was built specifically for morning huddles. It is a graphical representation of how your practice is trending towards important goals. It provides helpful metrics that highlight areas of improvement, showcases success, and underlines potential treatment opportunities. There are four main components in the Dentilytics Basic dashboard.

Overall Performance

dentilytics basic overall performance

The top row of the dashboard displays metrics analyzing the overall performance of the current month so far. It is a quick breakdown of production, number of new patients, and number of patients who received continuing care.

Yesterday’s Performance

dentilytics basic yesterday’s performance

The metrics in this tab visualize your team’s production and patient volume from the previous day. With this information, you can use your morning huddle to celebrate your team’s achievements, and highlight areas for improvement.

Today’s Schedule

dentilytics basic today’s schedule

The metrics found in this tab highlight immediate production goals, clinical information, and potential treatment & collection opportunities. Here are a few metrics that are particularly helpful to your morning huddle:

  • Outstanding Accounts Receivable of Today's Patients & Pending Treatment $ of Today's Scheduled Continuing Care Exams: These metrics show all outstanding balances and pending payments from patients with appointments that day. By highlighting this data in the morning huddle, your staff will be mindful of collecting payments throughout the day.
  • SRP Opportunities: Shows which patients that have not had scaling and root planing in over 24 months, which reminds staff to encourage patients to schedule an appointment during their visit.

Where We Stand

dentilytics basic where we stand

These metrics summarize the overall performance of your team thus far. It shows the production needed everyday to meet monthly and yearly goals. Also, this tab includes projections on new patient and examination volume.

Dentilytics Enterprise

dentilytics enterprise

Dentilytics Enterprise is an advanced reporting tool built specifically for DSOs that want to create custom reports from Denticon data. With over 120 customizable and interactive reports, this tool allows your team to analyze and present key performance indicators on a real-time basis. This enables you to monitor your KPIs as you improve your practice operations. Dentilytics Enterprise is seamlessly integrated with Denticon, and therefore manages data better than third-party reporting tools. Dentilytics Enterprise covers a wide range of report categories.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Appointments
  • AR
  • Collections
  • New Patients
  • Outstanding Claims
  • Production
  • Production vs Collection
  • Treatment

Is Denticon and Dentilytics Right For You?

Reporting is a critical component of any successful practice. Good reports provide insight into your practice's performance, and helps you discover improvement opportunities. With Denticon, you can quickly generate valuable reports within your practice management system.

Denticon Reporting OptionsWho It Is Best For
Built-in Denticon ReportingShould be used by all Denticon customers to establish a foundational understanding of their practice
Dentilytics BasicIdeal for practices who want to optimize team meetings with a tool that consolidates the most important KPIs
Dentilytics EnterpriseIdeal for DSOs that need an advanced reporting tool to create custom and interactive reports

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