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How to Use Denticon and Virtual Business Services To Improve Practice Performance

With Planet DDS’ Virtual Business Services, you can outsource time-consuming tasks to dental specialists who are experts in Denticon. This service lowers the cost of maintaining a full staff, and allows your team to focus on the most important tasks to grow your practice.

Denticon is the most popular independent cloud-based practice management system. Planet DDS, the company that built the Denticon product, also offers services to its customers. A deep dive of virtual services is below. Check out our in-depth Denticon review for full analysis of this software.

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What is Virtual Business Services?

Virtual Business Services (VBS) provides access to dental professionals who can assist your practice with a variety of outsourced business services. VBS agents are experts in Denticon, so you can trust that they will accurately and efficiently handle tedious tasks your staff performs daily.

Key Services
  • Insurance verification
  • Fee schedule entry
  • Claim submissions
  • Virtually any administrative task not patient facing
Business Impact
  • Lower staff wages and salaries
  • Lower staff cost
  • Increased production
Who is it Best For?
  • Denticon customers
  • Practices with smaller teams that don't plan to grow
  • Practices that have trouble with employee retention
  • Practices that want to outsource these key services
VBS Pricing
  • On-demand service where you pay per transaction or hourly
  • Estimated cost savings of 25-50% compared to completing the services in-house

Table of Contents

Key Services

Here are a few services that Planet DDS’ Virtual Business Services will take care of, so you can focus on more important tasks to help your business thrive.

Eligibility & Insurance Verifications

Verifying insurance is a daily task that involves time-consuming phone calls with carriers. VBS agents lift this burden from you and your staff. They confirm incoming patient eligibility by verifying coverage, and enter the information directly into Denticon. Additionally, agents can enter and attach insurance plans. While VBS agents deal with insurance verification, you can focus on patient facing tasks like explaining treatment plans and helping patients with payment options.

“VBS has assisted us significantly with verifying insurance benefits and being responsible for insurance breakdowns. It has taken so much stress off our front desk professionals so they can focus on the patient and offer great customer service.” -Nicole Lipp Dental Care Alliance

Fee Schedule Entry

VBS agents can enter individual fee schedules into Denticon, and assign the fee schedules accordingly. Also, VBS agents can audit fee schedules that aren’t calculating correctly. They will detect issues that your staff may have missed, like increased carrier fees or improper data entry, and update the information for you.

[VBS has] taken over the responsibility of updating fee schedules and having complicated fee schedules calculate correctly.” -Nicole Lipp Dental Care Alliance

Claim Submission

Processing insurance claims is a time sink. It takes an experienced staff to accurately process claims quickly. Additionally, when claims are denied, you have to investigate why you didn’t get paid, and then compile information to resubmit through Denticon. With VBS, dental specialists will correctly and efficiently process insurance claims for you. Here are a couple tasks that VBS agents can perform.

  • Claim correction: If corrections are needed on claims that have already been submitted, VBS will obtain the additional information or correct the claim
  • Claims follow up: VBS can follow-up on outstanding, unpaid claims with updated notes within Denticon on all claims 30 days or older. You can also contract with VBS to follow up on all outstanding claims every month

Administrative Tasks

VBS agents can handle virtually any office task that’s not patient facing. One task is cleaning your Denticon database. A few issues that VBS agents can fix are:

  • Duplicate plans with the same group numbers
  • Duplicate employers
  • Duplicate carriers
  • Improper fees on plans

How Does VBS Benefit Your Practice?

Planet DDS’ Virtual Business Services take care of mundane front and back office tasks, so you can focus on providing patients the best experience possible. Here are a couple ways VBS can benefit your practice.

Lower Staff Wages and Salaries

VBS agents are on-demand, and you can pay per transaction or by the hour. This means you can receive help with front and back office tasks without hiring additional staff members. This translates to less wages and salaries you have to worry about. Here are some statistics provided by the ADA. Dental salaries have been increasing on average 3.3% a year 38.0% more staff members are needed to complete regular office tasks than were required in the past. Average dental office staff wages have increased 450% over the past 50 years.

With VBS, you can combat these alarming trends by lowering overhead by replacing full-time staff with outsourced workers. Also, VBS helps your practice avoid additional training, sick days, and turnover.

“Because of VBS, I have fewer people in the office so that reduces my overhead. I have no payroll, I don’t have to deal with HR issues, I don’t have to deal with someone being sick or not coming into the office and I don’t have to re-train anybody.” -Dr. Bauer, Bauer Dental Arts

Lower Staff Cost

In addition to lowering staff wages & salaries, VBS reduces additional staff costs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages and salaries typically account for only 70% of total staff costs. The other 30% includes employee benefits, taxes, vacation, social security & Medicare, federal and state unemployment, workers’ compensation, and insurance, which, according to the ADA, as a sum increased 1.7% in 2016. By outsourcing to VBS agents, you completely eliminate these expenses.

Increase Production

VBS takes care of repetitive clerical tasks, so you and your team can prioritize high value tasks to improve your practice including marketing, recall efforts, scheduling, and providing exceptional patient care. Also, because VBS agents are highly trained dental specialists, you can trust they will complete requested tasks accurately and efficiently.

Is Planet DDS Virtual Business Services Right For You?

VBS is ideal for practices who want to spend less time completing time-consuming & repetitive tasks, and focus their effort on meaningful projects to improve their businesses. Additionally, VBS is a solution for practices who want to lower overhead, without compromising accuracy and efficiency. VBS is an on-demand, cloud-based service that connects practices to remote dental specialists who are experts in Denticon. By outsourcing repetitive front and back office tasks to VBS agents, you can spend more time getting more patients into your practice, and providing them exceptional care.

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