CallRail Review, Pricing & Features

CallRail Review, Pricing & Features

CallRail is a call tracking platform that allows companies to track phone calls, qualify leads, and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It's best for small and medium businesses that spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns.


  • The product works very well and is quite easy to set up
  • Call routing flows are highly customizable and there are many options to choose from
  • Ideal if you want to analyze your ROI on marketing campaigns


  • Many additional charges and overage fees possible
  • The dashboard is a bit tricky to navigate and takes a bit of time to learn
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What is CallRail?

CallRail is a marketing platform that allows companies to track phone calls, qualify leads, and analyze the effectiveness of their ads. With CallRail, you can create multiple phone numbers that forward to your business number. You can put each phone number on a different advertisement for your business—for example, one on a subway advertisement and one on a Google Advertisement—and you can analyze how many leads you got from each number.

This product is ideal for companies that spend thousands of dollars per month on advertising and want to analyze their return on investment for each marketing campaign.

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CallRail Review Summary

CallRail was founded in 2011 by Andy Powell and Kevin Mann. The software serves small and medium businesses across industries like legal, real estate, financial services, and more. The software matches incoming leads to the marketing channels and campaigns they came from. This allows customers to understand which of their channels is driving traffic and producing the most leads for the business.

CallRail’s Call Tracking product, which was their first offering, works by generating a variety of phone numbers that all forward to your company’s main phone line. This allows you to attach the phone numbers to different marketing campaigns, and you can track which leads and prospective customers came from which source.

Overall, CallRail is extremely valuable for any company with multiple marketing campaigns that they want to qualify. If you don’t spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, the cost of the product may not outweigh the benefits, but CallRail works well and brings value to many small and medium businesses.

CallRail Pricing & Cost

CallRail has four distinct products that are all priced individually: Call Tracking, Lead Center, Conversation Intelligence, and Form Tracking. The Call Tracking product starts at $45 per month. All other products require the Call Tracking Plan to work, so you will pay at least $45 per month plus the other plans.

Call Tracking

PlanIncluded UsageDetails
$45 Per Month Plan10 Numbers, 500 Local Minutes, 100 Texts
  • $3.00 per additional number
$60 Per Month Plan10 Numbers, 1,000 Local Minutes, 100 Texts
  • $3.00 per additional number
$120 Per Month Plan25 Numbers, 2,500 Local Minutes, 500 Texts
  • $2.50 per additional number
$255 Per Month Plan50 Numbers, 6,000 Local Minutes, 500 Texts
  • $1.75 per additional number

Lead Center

$30 Per Month Per User PlanMinutes, SMS messages, and MMS messages
$60 Per Month Per User PlanMinutes, SMS messages, and MMS messages
$90 Per Month Per User PlanMinutes, SMS messages, and MMS messages

Conversation Intelligence

PlanIncluded UsageDetails
$50 Per Month Plan10,000 Call Transcription Minutes
  • $0.02 per additional minute
  • Includes automated call scoring

Form Tracking

PlanIncluded UsageDetails
$50 Per Month Plan1,000 Form Submissions and Unlimited Forms
  • $0.02 per additional form submission
  • Includes custom form builder
  • Includes lead tracking

CallRail Key Features

Throughout this review, we’ll provide an overview of CallRail’s features, usability, and customer service availability. We’ll also include images of CallRail to give you a sense of what it’s like to work with the platform before you purchase it.

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Signing Up

When you sign up for CallRail, you can choose from three methods, which are Automatic Tracking, Google Ad Extension, and Custom Source Tracking. The first option allows you to track calls from all site visitors. The second two options are single-number options, where you can track who calls your business from specific sources.


CallRail recommends the automatic tracking, as that is applicable to all marketing sources. However, you can pick whichever will best suit your business.


The CallRail dashboard has two main sections: the Analytics section and the Lead Center section. The Analytics section is where you will view your activity, reports, tracking, and settings. The Lead Center allows you to search your contacts, place an outgoing call, and see all recent call activity.

We found that navigating the dashboard is not intuitive at first, and it may take some time to learn where everything is.

Call Flows

Call flows, which are created to route customers through your intended sales funnel on the phone, are easy to create and highly customizable with CallRail. Once the customer has placed a call to your business, you can:

  • Play a greeting
  • Put them in a queue
  • Dial another number
  • Tag the number
  • Hang up
  • Send caller to voicemail

Below is an example of what it looks like to create a call flow.


This makes sure that certain numbers route customers the way you want them to. We found this section particularly useful because the scenarios cannot go live unless they’re error-free. You’ll be notified of which sections have routing issues, if any.

Keypad Scoring

Keypad Scoring allows you to sort, or tag, callers depending on their information. You can mark someone as a qualified lead, add a tag to their information, or record a value once the call has ended.

Custom Forms

Custom Forms is a feature you can add to your website that captures prospective customer information, stores that information within CallRail, and notifies you that a new form has been submitted. This is a crucial step in making sure you’re following up with all of your leads from your website.


CallRail has an impressive analytics section that provides an overview of your leads and all the information about them. The image below shows what one analytics section may look like.


You’ll be able to see all the calls that came into your business, which number was called by the customer, the customer’s contact information, the duration of the call, and more. You can sort and export the data as you wish.


CallRail has an impressive suite of native integrations that you can use to transfer data across your suite of software tools.


CallRail Customer Support

CallRail has live chat on their website, which lets customers connect instantly with the support team. Prospective customers can book a product demo if they’re interested in seeing the product before signing up.

Customer Support ChannelsLive Chat, Help Center, Email
Other Support ResourcesProduct Demos
Submit TicketYes
Application Status PageYes

CallRail Alternatives & Competitors

CallRail is similar to other call tracking software like CallTrackingMetrics, RingDNA, Aircall, and RingCentral.

Is CallRail Right For You?

CallRail is a well-designed platform to help customers track calls, manage leads, and learn about ROI from their marketing campaigns. CallRail customers are very happy with the tool overall, and the only downsides we noted were that the dashboard is not intuitive to navigate and there could be many overages and additional charges.

If you spend thousands of dollars every month on marketing campaigns and want to know which are driving your leads, CallRail is a reliable product that is powerful and easy to set up. Customers across all industries can make use of this tool.

If you are interested in trying CallRail, sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

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