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What is EZ Texting?

EZ Texting is an SMS marketing platform that helps a diverse range of small businesses execute successful SMS marketing campaigns. EZ Texting is best for small businesses looking for an advanced tool for subscriber list building and text blasts. Although automations and segmentations are suitable for beginners, they are not strong enough to satisfy the needs of advanced marketers.

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EZ Texting Review Summary

EZ Texting was founded by Punit Shah, Shane Neman, TJ Thinakaran, and Vijesh Mehta in 2006. It was then acquired by CallFire in 2012. Today, the company serves over 30,000 customers from its offices in Santa Monica, Austin, and Kiev.

EZ Texting’s features are similar to most SMS marketing tools. List building and campaigns are its standout features. EZ Texting’s segmentation and automation features are helpful for businesses looking for an easy-to-use, effective SMS marketing tool. However, similarly priced alternatives like SlickText are more powerful in this regard.

EZ Texting’s pricing starts at $24 per month. Additionally, messages cost $0.04 each. EZ Texting falls in the upper range of pricing for SMS marketing tools.

Overall, EZ Texting is ideal for small businesses looking to engage with and build on their subscriber base. Due to limits in automations, and segmentations, businesses will most likely leverage EZ Texting primarily for mass texting.

EZ Texting Pricing & Cost

EZ Texting pricing starts at $24 per month. All plans come with 200 messaging credits per month, with additional messages costing $0.04 each.

Including your 200 messaging credits, here are some prices you might spend based on messages sent per month:


EZ Texting Features

Let’s discuss the major features that EZ Texting offers and how they can help your SMS marketing and business goals. Product screenshots are included to add context and demonstrate the user interface.

Subscriber List Building

EZ Texting has a numerous amount of subscriber list building options. You can build your list primarily through manual imports, keywords, and web forms. Alternative options like posters and QR codes are also available. Web forms are the strongest list building method due to their data collection capabilities. Your business can leverage these for highly personalized messages.

Manual Imports

You can manually import subscribers through .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files. EZ Texting also supports importing from various integrations. Here are some of the most popular apps you can import contacts from:


Keywords are phrases that customers text to become subscribers. They are one of the primary ways to build your SMS contact list. EZ Texting’s keyword creation is easy to set up and comes with helpful additional settings.


Editing your keyword response is similar to other SMS marketing solutions. You can link your keyword to a new or existing list to dynamically grow your segment. You can further personalize your keyword with alternate replies and double opt-in messages.

Web Forms

EZ Texting’s web forms are powerful. This is because they simultaneously allow your subscriber list to grow and leverage custom fields to capture targeted information. This means your business can build its customer base and enough information to send personalized messages.


You can choose to create either a sharable or embedded form. Unfortunately, there are no options for form design. This means you’ll find no options in communicating your company branding and style.

Alternative Methods

QR codes and posters are two alternative options for building your subscriber list. Both options are very easy to set up, and have unique features that help your business grow your customer base.

EZ Texting’s QR code generator is far more detailed than alternative tools. Instead of simply opting users in, you can choose from four different options:

  • Create text message
  • Visit URL
  • Prompt phone call
  • Show plain text

You can also create posters for your keyword. EZ Texting offers five unique templates for your poster, alongside additional customization options such as color and background images.



Segmentation in EZ Texting is satisfactory for smaller businesses looking to execute basic marketing campaigns. However, it is not as advanced as alternatives like SlickText. This is due to the limited amount of segment conditions and inability to group segments with and-or conditions. This means your business has limited opportunities to target specific customers for personalized messages.


You can select from the following segment dimensions to filter your customers:

CategorySegment Dimensions
Opt-In Source
  • All statuses
  • Opted-in
  • Opted-out
  • All
  • Not Blocked
  • Blocked

Once you’ve chosen your segments, you can select any number of contacts and choose to delete, opt-out, or add them to a new or existing list.

Message Creation

Message creation in EZ Texting is intuitive for small businesses. You can create custom fields for personalized messages, generate trackable short links, and access a library with millions of pictures for MMS messages. These features further expand your capability to create high quality, personalized messages.


EZ Texting supports a number of templates to choose from. These messages range from alerts to customer engagement.

  • Repairs
  • Arrival Info
  • Black Friday
  • Order Ready
  • Appointment

You can create up to five custom fields. This expands your capability to produce personalized messages for your customers. Customer data can usually be retrieved through sign up forms.

Additionally, EZ Texting’s partnership with Shutterstock gives you access to millions of photos to choose from for your MMS messages.

Campaign Building

Campaign building is diverse and easy to set up in EZ Texting. You can build custom, drip, and voting campaigns. This means that no matter what business you’re running, you have a powerful variety of ways to engage with customers. Campaigns in SlickText, however, have more opportunities to gain subscriber information.

International Coverage

EZ Texting supports messaging in the U.S. and Canada. Messages are sent via shortcodes, textable virtual numbers, or text-enabled landlines.

Custom Campaigns

Building a custom campaign in EZ Texting is similar to many other SMS marketing tools. You can choose your subscriber list, custom fields, and external media for MMS messages.


Creating a custom campaign in EZ Texting is simple. Scheduling options are also standard. If you choose to schedule your message for later, you have the option to include any subscribers who have opted-in after you’ve finalized your campaign. This introduces an additional layer of targeting for your campaigns.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are a series of automated messages based on specific triggers, such as a customer making their purchase or an upcoming appointment. Drip campaigns in EZ Texting are ideal for small businesses new to SMS marketing. EZ Texting’s drip campaigns do not have as many triggers as SMSBump or SlickText. Still, they can be leveraged by small businesses to build customer retention without risking spam.


As you can see above, you can set up an unlimited number of messages. Each message is sent after a specific amount of time has passed since the subscriber has joined. We will go more into detail on scheduling drip campaigns in the Automations section.

Voting Campaigns

Voting campaigns are a unique way to engage with subscribers or gain feedback about your business. Setting up polls in EZ Texting is very simple.


You can link your keyword alongside the list voters will be placed in. You have the ability to include up to five choices that customers will text in to vote. Finally, you can export the results of your campaign once it’s finished as a .csv file. This means that you can aggregate your responses for customer data and gauge how successful your voting campaign was.

Two-Way Conversations

EZ Texting’s inbox for two-way conversations is user-friendly and shows relevant subscriber information. This enables your business to easily facilitate one-on-one engagement with customers.


The inbox allows you to see your chat history with any subscriber. This gives your company additional context about customers. You can also change any custom field or list attributed to that subscriber.


Automations are actions triggered by specific events that streamline your SMS marketing workflow. The most common use cases of automations in SMS marketing include automated messages, customers being categorized into different lists, and more. In EZ Texting, automations are found in keyword autoresponders and drip campaigns.

Keyword Autoresponders

Autoresponders in EZ Texting are messages sent to customers immediately after they opt-in through a keyword. Editing keyword autoresponders in EZ Texting is similar to other SMS marketing tools.

Once you’re done setting up your response, you can choose from a variety of additional messaging options:

  • Alternate reply message
  • Double opt-in confirmation message
  • Forward opt-ins via email
  • Configure API for replies

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns in EZ Texting are easy to set up. You can connect your drip messages to new and existing lists.


As you can see above, you can set your message to be sent after a specific period of time. Unfortunately, your drip campaigns can only be triggered by periods of time. Alternatives like SMSBump allow you to add message triggers like customer actions. You also cannot link each individual drip to a specific segment you’ve created.

Ultimately, drip campaigns in EZ Texting are ideal for small businesses looking for simple customer retention strategies. Experienced SMS marketers will feel limited.


Analytics in EZ Texting are decent. You can see SMS campaign performance in aggregate, and for individual campaigns. If ecommerce-specific statistics like ROI and revenue are important to your business, alternatives like Postscript or SMSBump might be better for you.


The analytics dashboard is easy to navigate. You have access to two different reports, your messages and contacts. Here are the metrics they include:

  • Delivered messages
  • Bounced messages
  • Replies
  • Clicks
  • Unsubscribes
  • Subscribed
  • Unsubscribed
  • Contact growth
  • Opt-in source
  • Total

Additionally, you can see a drill down report on each message you’ve sent. Note that you cannot export any reports in EZ Texting.

EZ Texting Integrations

Most of EZ Texting’s integrations are handled through Zapier. There are however, a number of helpful native integrations available:

EZ Texting Customer Service

EZ Texting’s customer support team is helpful. They are reachable through live chat, text, and phone. Hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST.

EZ Texting’s secondary material mainly consists of a blog with some free downloadable guides. Their blog features over 900 posts on best practices and industry news. These are helpful for both new and experienced SMS marketers.

Customer Support ChannelsLive chat, email, text
Other Support ResourcesFree SMS marketing guides, blog posts
Application Status PageNo

EZ Texting Alternatives & Competitors

EZ Texting competes with a number of SMS marketing tools that either support all businesses or hone in on specific industries like ecommerce. The product is most comparable with SlickText and SimpleTexting.

Learn more about how EZ Texting stacks up against its top individual competitors:

Is EZ Texting Right For You?

EZ Texting is an intuitive SMS marketing solution currently used by over 30,000 businesses. It includes a majority of features most SMS marketing tools have, including customer list building, segmentation, and campaigns. Its strongest feature is its custom campaign builder.

EZ Texting is one of the more expensive SMS marketing solutions. SimpleTexting has similar features, yet is more affordable. SlickText is similarly priced, yet has features that are easier to implement for scale.

If you're interested, you can try EZ Texting today.

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