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The Best Facebook Groups for Lawyers and Attorneys

Facebook groups are a popular way for lawyers to collaborate and learn from peers. Below, we highlight the top 5 Facebook groups to benefit you & your law firm.

Facebook groups are a useful tool for legal professionals that want to engage with an online community of like-minded individuals. There are numerous Facebook groups available to join today, and choosing the right one can be a difficult process.

There are several legal Facebook groups with over 1,000 followers with members that post on a daily basis. Facebook groups can be used to:

  • Give and receive legal advice
  • Market your law firm
  • Learn best practices from other legal professionals
  • Learn more about legal technology
  • Network with other legal professionals
  • Attract new clients
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Offer and receive support from a community that understands your experiences

We've searched Facebook for the best groups open to lawyers and other legal professionals. Here is an overview of the top Facebook groups that you can join today.

Clio Co-Counsel

clio cocounsel facebook group

The Clio Co-Counsel is a community where legal professionals can network and give advice. This group welcomes the sharing of resources and collaboration to foster the adoption of innovative legal technology. This group has several weekly events to keep members engaged, such as the Wednesday Water Cooler Chats and Bi-Weekly Clio content publications. The group, managed by Clio, has over 2,000 members and gets about 4 new post per day. If you want to learn more about Clio software offerings, check out our in-depth review for Clio Manage .

Join Clio Co-Counsel today.

LegalTech Community

legaltech community facebook group

LegalTech Community’s main goal is to foster community engagement in the legal technology industry. This group desires individuals with a desire to promote innovative legal technologies to those that would like to future proof their firms. The group was created in 2016 and has over 1,000 members.

Join LegalTech Community today.

Savvy Lawyers

savvy lawyers facebook group

Savvy Lawyers is a community and place of learning for entrepreneurial lawyers. This group fosters discussions that help members scale their law firms online. The group has over 1,500 members and receives 1 new post per day.

Join Savvy Lawyers today.

Lawyerist Insiders

Lawyerist Insiders is a facebook group managed by, one of the biggest online communities for solo to small firm lawyers. Created in 2017, this group is an ideal place to discuss topics such as legal technology, growth strategies for your law firm, and networking with other legal professionals. The group has over 2,400 members and gets about 1 new post per day.

Join Lawyerist Insiders today.

Girl Attorney

girl attorney facebook group

Girl Attorney is a community designed to support women in the legal profession. This group encourages the discussion of issues related to women professionals and topics relevant to the practice of law. Girl Attorney currently manages over 52 Facebook Groups. One of their biggest Facebook Groups, Girl Attorney - National, currently has over 5,000 members, and gets 3 new posts a day.

Join Girl Attorney today.

SoftwarePundit for Lawyers

softwarepundit facebook group

SoftwarePundit for Lawyers is an online community where legal professionals can discuss innovative legal technology and receive advice from experts. Additionally, you can expect insightful research and case studies to be posted in this group. The group, managed by SoftwarePundit, is a newer community that is quickly growing.

Join SoftwarePundit for Lawyers today.

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