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CASEpeer vs. PracticePanther

Is CASEpeer or PracticePanther the better solution for you? This in-depth, feature-by-feature breakdown will help you select the best legal practice management software to help grow your law firm.

Legal practice management software helps law firms streamline workflows and business operations. There are a variety of options available, which can make it difficult to choose the best solution for you.

However, if you're reading this article, you're on the right path. This guide compares CASEpeer and PracticePanther, two popular legal practice management solutions. We explore the differences between these products, and analyze their unique features, to help you determine the best solution for your law firm.

Comparison Summary

CASEpeer and PracticePanther are widely-used legal practice management solutions. These solutions are priced similarly, and both include features that help law firms efficiently serve their clients. These features include legal calendaring, client intake, lead management, case management, online client portals, and reporting. Despite these similarities, these solutions cater to different customer types.

  • The vast majority of CASEpeer customers primarily handle personal injury cases, and their feature offering reflects that.
  • PracticePanther customers focus on a variety of practice areas. These customers often desire features that are unique to PracticePanther such as robust time tracking and online payments.

When comparing the two, it's important to focus on the specific tools offered by each vendor, and the corresponding subscription price. Here's a quick test to determine which solution is best for you:

You'll prefer CASEpeer if:

  • You are a personal injury attorney
  • You desire two-way text messaging
  • Robust medical treatment tracking is a must-have feature

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You'll prefer PracticePanther if:

  • You focus on multiple practice areas
  • You bill hourly and desire robust time tracking
  • Online payments is a must-have feature for you

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Table of Contents

CASEpeer & PracticePanther Price Comparison

CASEpeer and PracticePanther are both priced as a monthly subscription. Pricing for these solutions are similar. CASEpeer charges $65 to $85 per user per month, and PracticePanther charges $49 to $89 per user per month.

CASEpeer Pricing Details

CASEpeer pricing ranges from $65 to $85 per user per month. Also, CASEpeer charges a one-time activation fee of $225 to $875 per account. Here’s an overview of CASEpeer’s pricing plans:

Solo plan
  • $65 per user per month
  • $225 activation fee
Emerging plan
  • $75 per user per month
  • $475 activation fee
Enterprise plan
  • $85 per user per month
  • $875 activation fee

PracticePanther Pricing Details

PracticePanther pricing ranges from $49 to $89 per user per month. The company offers a 11% to 22% discount for annual contracts that are paid upfront. Here’s an overview of PracticePanther’s pricing plans:

  • Solo plan: $49 per user per month
  • Essential plan: $69 per user per month
  • Business plan: $89 per user per month

CASEpeer & PracticePanther Feature Comparison

CASEpeer and PracticePanther offer features that streamline workflows and improve client experience. These features include legal calendaring, client intake, lead management, case management, online client portals, and reporting.

Although there is overlap between these solutions, both systems offer unique features:

  • CASEpeer includes personal injury-specific features like medical treatment management, and offers two-way text messaging.
  • PracticePanther offers robust time and expense tracking, invoicing, and online payments.

For a full analysis of their features, read our CASEpeer and PracticePanther reviews.

Contact managementYesYes
Task managementYesYes
Document managementYesYes
Time and expense trackingLimitedYes
TextingYesOne-way only
Online paymentsNoYes

CASEpeer's Unique Features

CASEpeer offers several features not found in PracticePanther. It's important to understand the features below to determine if CASEpeer is ideal for your business.

Personal Injury Practice Area

CASEpeer is one of the only solutions that is tailored for personal injury attorneys. In fact, about 90% of all CASEpeer customers solely practice personal injury law. CASEpeer is ideal for those that prefer working with a software company that is committed to their practice area.

One of CASEpeer’s best personal injury-specific features is its medical treatment management tools. CASEpeer allows you to track client incidents, injuries, health insurance providers, and surgeries. Additionally, you can use CASEpeer to store information about the medical providers you work with to assist you during lien negotiations. The type of medical provider information you can track in CASEpeer include:

  • Average billing per case
  • Average reductions
  • Lien holder history
  • Prior cases

Two-way Text Messaging

CASEpeer offers built-in two-way texting in its platform which allows you to both send and receive text messages. Additionally, CASEpeer allows you to select a phone number for outgoing messages. In contrast, PracticePanther only supports one-way text messaging, and does not allow you to create a new phone number.

PracticePanther's Unique Features

PracticePanther offers several features not found in CASEpeer. It's important to understand the features below to determine if PracticePanther is ideal for your business.

Multiple Practice Areas

PracticePanther can be customized to cater to different types of law. As a result, PracticePanther customers handle a wide range of practice areas including immigration, family, and bankruptcy law. In contrast, the majority of CASEpeer customers are personal injury law firms. If you do not handle personal injury cases, or focus on multiple practice areas, PracticePanther is likely the best option for your law firm.

Time and Expense Tracking

PracticePanther’s time and expense tracking tools make this solution better for law firms that bill by the hour. PracticePanther is the only solution that includes timers. Captured time is automatically saved into the database, and can be immediately billed and invoiced.


PracticePanther is the only solution that includes robust invoicing tools. With this solution, you can create company-branded invoices that can be sent to your clients via email or online client portal. Clients can pay invoices electronically through PantherPayments.

CASEpeer allows you to create check requests that summarize payments owed by your clients. However, check requests can not be sent directly to your clients through CASEpeer. You must download check requests from the solution, and send them manually through a third-party system.

Online Payments

PracticePanther is the only solution that allows you to collect electronic payments from your clients. PracticePanther includes PantherPayments, a payment processing service that is compliant with IOLTA, ABA and state bar guidelines. PantherPayments accepts both credit cards and eChecks. In contrast, CASEpeer does not include any native payment processing tools.

Bottom Line

CASEpeer and PracticePanther are popular legal practice management solutions used by many law firms. Both solutions help law firms better serve their clients with features like legal calendaring, client intake, lead management, case management, online client portals, and reporting.

  • If you desire a solution that specializes in personal injury law and includes two-way texting, CASEpeer is the best solution for you.
  • If you focus on multiple practice areas, or require robust time tracking, invoicing, and online payment processing, then we strongly recommend PracticePanther.

If you’re interested, visit CASEpeer or PracticePanther today to get started.

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