PracticePanther Review, Pricing & Features

PracticePanther Review, Pricing & Features

PracticePanther is a popular legal practice management solution used by thousands of legal professionals in over 170 countries


  • PracticePanther offers built-in CRM software on their platform
  • PracticePanther’s automated invoice reminders helps maximize payment collection
  • PracticePanther includes robust document and task management features


  • PracticePanther does not offer native two-way texting capabilities
  • PracticePanther does not offer built-in accounting in its platform
  • Flat fees are only available in the most expensive subscription plan
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What is PracticePanther?

PracticePanther is a legal practice management solution used by thousands of legal professionals in over 170 countries. PracticePanther is ideal for small to medium sized law firms with 8 to 20 attorneys. PracticePanther offers features including task management, a calendar, document management, time tracking, billing & invoicing, and online payment processing.

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PracticePanther Review Summary

PracticePanther was founded by David Bitton and Ori Tamuz in 2012. Today, this solution is used by tens of thousands of legal professionals in over 170 countries.

PracticePanther offers features that help law professionals grow their businesses and automate key tasks. These features include task management, a calendar, document management, time tracking, billing & invoicing, and online payment processing.

In general, PracticePanther is most commonly used by small to medium sized law firms with 8 to 20 attorneys. However, PracticePanther is also used by some solo practices and large organizations. PracticePanther pricing ranges from $49 to $89 per user per month.

Overall, PracticePanther is one of the best legal practice management solutions on the market today. If you desire a solution that includes built-in CRM functionality, we recommend PracticePanther for your law firm. If you are searching for a solution that integrates with more third-party solutions, Clio Manage is the better option for you. If you desire an on-premise solution with built-in accounting, consider testing AbacusLaw.

PracticePanther Pricing & Cost

PracticePanther pricing ranges from $49 to $89 per user per month. The company offers a 11% to 22% discount for annual contracts that are paid upfront. Here’s an overview of PracticePanther’s pricing plans:

  • Solo plan: $49 per user per month
  • Essential plan: $69 per user per month
  • Business plan: $89 per user per month

PracticePanther Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of PracticePanther, and how they can streamline your workflow and automate many of your day-to-day tasks. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.


PracticePanther’s dashboard offers an overview of your law firm’s finances, key performance indicators, and shortcuts to this platform's most useful tools. Here are several of the most useful modules found in PracticePanther’s dashboard.

  • Agenda
  • Billable items
  • Calendar
  • Paid and due balances
  • Quick create toolbar
  • Recent activity
  • Timers
  • To-do list
  • Total hours
  • Trust account balance
practicepanther dashboard

Client Intake

PracticePanther offers features that automate the client intake process. Intake forms allow your clients to submit contact and matter information electronically. Intake forms can be sent to your clients through a unique URL, and can be embedded on your company website.

practicepanther online client intake form image

With PracticePanther’s drag and drop editor, you can tailor your intake forms to best capture the information you desire. PracticePanther allows you to create unlimited fields in the intake forms.

practicepanther client intake form builder

Once your client completes the intake form, you can configure PracticePanther to assign a task and send an email notification to a specific user. Additionally, PracticePanther can automatically create new and update existing contacts and matters based on the information submitted in these forms.

You can automatically create documents, like retainer agreements, that include information captured in intake forms. This feature reduces administrative workload and accelerates the intake process.

Case Management

PracticePanther’s case management tools allow you to organize and track essential contact and matter information. Some of the most important case and matter items you can manage in PracticePanther include:

  • Activity history
  • Agenda
  • Contact information
  • Files
  • Intakes
  • Invoices
  • Matter details
  • Matter rate
  • Notes
  • Payments
  • Relationships
  • Trust and operating accounts
practicepanther case management image

Contact Management

PracticePanther’s contact management feature allows you to efficiently store and organize client information in one location. For each contact, you can save essential information including:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Events
  • Invoices
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Payments
  • Tasks

With PracticePanther, you can group your contacts and cases, and attach customizable tags. This feature helps you organize your contacts, quickly locate contacts through search, and shows which marketing campaigns are successfully capturing leads.

practicepanther contacts


PracticePanther’s calendar helps you efficiently schedule events and track deadlines. PracticePanther’s legal calendaring software includes drag-and-drop capabilities that allows you to quickly adjust schedules. Also, the calendar includes tags, color coding, and notes to help you keep events organized.

You can set automated popup, email, and text reminders for any item you include in the calendar. PracticePanther supports up to 5 reminders per event.

PracticePanther includes 20 court rule-sets in its calendar. Selecting a rule-set will automatically schedule deadlines and events into the calendar.

practicepanther calendar

Task Management

PracticePanther’s task management tools help manage your team’s workload and improve your firm’s productivity. You can use task lists and agendas to monitor your firm’s most important upcoming tasks. PracticePanther tracks the status of each task, and indicates whether the task is completed, incomplete, or overdue.

PracticePanther includes automated task reminders. You can send up to 5 automated reminders by popup, email, or text message for each task. Additionally, you can use PracticePanther to email a daily agenda that includes a summary of tasks, events, and deadlines.

With PracticePanthers’ Workflows feature, you can create templates that contain a list of tasks and events. The template can be applied to any feature, contact, or matter.

practicepanther task management image

Document Management

PracticePanther’s document management features allow you to securely edit, store, and organize documents. You can store various file types in PracticePanther including PDFs, text documents, pictures, videos, and audio. All files are stored in the cloud, and can be saved to your computer for offline access.

PracticePanther helps you quickly generate documents, retainer agreements, & contracts. You can autofill contact and matter details by uploading templates into PracticePanther.

PracticePanther allows your team to collaborate and comment on files shared internally. Additionally, PracticePanther includes version history that allows you to track changes made by users and recover deleted files. Files in PracticePanther sync in real time, and can be shared between team members, clients, and opposing counsel on all devices.

PracticePanther offers integrations with Dropbox and Box. Also, PracticePanther supports electronic signatures through its integration with DocuSign.

Time and Expense Tracking

PracticePanther’s time and expense tracking software helps you accurately capture billable hours. Timers can be viewed on any page in the sidebar or the toolbar located on the top of the client. You can link timers to any case, and add notes and other important details to time entries.

With PracticePanther, you can generate reports to analyze all time and expense tracking data. You can create tracking reports by user, matter, category or client.

practicepanther time tracking

Billing and Invoicing

PracticePanther allows you to easily track billable hours and quickly generate invoices. PracticePanther supports various billing types including hourly, flat rate, and contingency.

Generated invoices are company branded, and include the key details that you include in your billing run. Invoices can be emailed to your clients, and include a “Pay Now” link that will direct them to an online payment portal.

With PracticePanther, you can send automated invoice reminders to your clients. You can send multiple reminders at customizable time intervals before and after payment is due.

Online Payments

PantherPayments is an online payment processing service that allows you to accept payments from your clients electronically. PantherPayments is compliant with IOLTA, ABA and state bar guidelines. You can accept payments through credit card or eCheck. Here are the costs associated with PantherPayments:

  • Credit Card: 2.8% per transaction
  • Standard eCheck: 1% per transaction
  • Same Day eCheck: 1.5% per transaction

Online Client Portal

PracticePanther’s online client portal allows your clients to securely interact with your law firm. Through the online portal, your clients can:

  • Access important files
  • Communicate with your law firm
  • Pay invoices
practicepanther online client portal image

Mobile Application

PracticePanther’s mobile application allows legal professionals to access PracticePanther remotely. With the mobile application, you can:

  • Assign tasks
  • Bill for time and expenses
  • Set reminders
  • Track calls
  • Add notes
  • View calendar
practicepanther mobile application image


PracticePanther does not offer robust built-in accounting features. All accounting tasks in PracticePanther rely on its integration with QuickBooks Online. However, PracticePanther allows you to add multiple operating and trust accounts, and offers three-way trust account reconciliation.


PracticePanther includes a variety of built-in reports to help analyze your firm’s performance. Here are some of the reports found in PracticePanther:

  • All invoices by contact
  • Sales tax report
  • A/R aging report by contact
  • Originating attorney report
  • Productivity report
  • All payments by contact
  • Billable amount by contact
  • Contacts by company
  • Billable amount by matter
  • Matter by contact
  • Expenses by matter
  • Expenses by status
Time entries
  • Time entries by user
  • Time entries over time
  • Incomplete tasks by contact
  • Incomplete tasks by matter


PracticePanther offers several integrations with third-party solutions, and offers a fully open API. Here are some of PracticePanther’s integrations:

PracticePanther Alternatives & Competitors

PracticePanther competes with a variety of legal solutions that offer similar functionality. The best choice for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences.

PracticePanther's top competitors are:

We've analyzed PracticePanther compared to its top competitors. Read these in-depth analyses that evaluate PracticePanther's cost, features and ease of use compared to alternatives:

Is PracticePanther Right For You?

PracticePanther is a popular legal practice management solution used by thousands of legal professionals in over 170 countries. This solution includes robust features that help law firms automate tasks and grow their businesses. These features include task management, a calendar, document management, time tracking, billing & invoicing, and online payment processing.

If you are a small to medium sized law firm that desires a cloud-based legal practice management solution with built-in CRM software, we recommend PracticePanther for you. If you are looking for a solution that offers more integrations with third-party solutions, consider testing Clio Manage. If you’re searching for an on-premise solution with built-in accounting, consider testing AbacusLaw.

If you're interested, you can try PracticePanther today.

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