MyCase Review, Pricing & Features

MyCase Review, Pricing & Features

MyCase is a popular legal practice management solution used by thousands of law firms.


  • MyCase includes native two-way texting capabilities in its platform
  • MyCase offers client intake forms and lead management tools
  • MyCase is more affordable than many of its competitors


  • MyCase’s CRM features are not as robust as some of its competitors
  • MyCase offers limited integrations with third-party solutions
  • MyCase does not include built-in accounting tools
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What is MyCase?

MyCase is a legal practice management solution used by thousands of law firms. MyCase includes features that help legal professionals offer excellent client experience and optimize operations. These features include case management, contact management, client intake forms, lead management, calendaring, and time tracking.

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MyCase Review Summary

MyCase was founded by Alex Dikowski, Chris Schulte, and Matt Spiegel in 2010. Today, this solution is used by thousands of law firms.

MyCase offers features that help law firms automate tasks, secure new leads, and provide superb client experience. These features include case management, contact management, client intake forms, lead management, calendaring, and time tracking.

MyCase is priced at $59 per user per month. Additionally, MyCase offers a discount for annual contracts that are paid up front.

In general, MyCase is one of the best legal practice management solutions on the market today. If you desire a solution that includes both practice management and CRM features, consider testing MyCase in your law firm. However, MyCase is more limited in the number of integrations they offer than many of its competitors. If you have a complex tech stack that you would like to integrate with your legal practice management system, Clio Manage is the best solution for you.

MyCase Pricing & Cost

MyCase offers one plan that is priced at $59 per user per month. If billed annually, MyCase charges a subscription fee of $49 per user per month.

MyCase Features

Below, we'll discuss the key features of MyCase, and how they can streamline your workflow and automate many of your day-to-day tasks. We include screenshots of the product to give you a sense of its design and layout.


MyCase includes a dashboard that allows you to quickly access tools that you need most often, and highlights your most important tasks. The Add Item tool offers shortcuts that allow you to quickly create commonly used items such as events, documents, and tasks. Additionally, the dashboard includes three modules that highlight your recent activities, and upcoming events & tasks.

mycase dashboard image

Client Intake

MyCase includes several features that streamline the client intake process. Client intake forms and lead management tools help you secure new clients and reduces your staff’s administrative burden.

Client Intake Forms

With MyCase’s client intake forms, you can collect important details from your clients electronically, and captured information will automatically populate into your cases. You can customize intake forms to fit the needs of your law firm and practice area. Intake forms can be sent to your clients via email, or completed in the MyCase application. Additionally, MyCase includes electronic signature software, so you can send and receive documents for signatures directly in the platform.

Lead Management

MyCase includes tools that help you manage your sales pipeline, and analyze your marketing efforts. The Lead Status Board allows you to track leads as they progress through different stages of your sales pipeline. You can create a card for each lead that you receive, and drag and drop them into a stage that reflects its status. You can create new stages tailored to your law firm’s pipeline, and you can customize their labels.

Case Management

With MyCase, you can consolidate and monitor critical case information. Here some of the items you can link to your cases in MyCase:

  • Associated attorneys
  • Calendar
  • Case timeline
  • Communications
  • Documents
  • Intake forms
  • Notes
  • Status updates
  • Tasks
  • Un-invoiced and trust balances
mycase case management image

Contact Management

MyCase allows you to store and organize contact information for clients and companies you interact with. Here are some of the items you can store in MyCase’s contact management tool:

  • Active and closed cases
  • Activity
  • Billing
  • Contact information
  • Notes
  • Text messages and emails
  • Trust account balance
MyCase contact management image

MyCase also allows you to designate roles for each of your contacts. This feature allows you to identify client relationships, and accelerates conflict checking.

MyCase contact roles image


MyCase offers a calendar that helps you track key events and tasks. MyCase’s calendar functions similarly to other calendaring software you may have used. You can create calendar events, and add relevant information such as time, location, notes, and firm members. You can drag and drop events to quickly adjust your schedule.

MyCase includes a firm-wide calendar view that helps staff coordinate tasks more efficiently. Firm members can send calendar invites to one another, and shared events are visible to staff members with correct permissions. Calendar events can be color coded to indicate different staff members.

MyCase calendar image

MyCase helps you track Statute of Limitation deadlines for your open cases. You can create new SOL dates in your calendar, and mark their statuses as “satisfied” or “non-satisfied.”

Additionally, MyCase offers a two-way sync to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Any event in MyCase created will automatically populate into your third-party calendar.

Task Management

MyCase includes tools that help you create, assign, and track tasks on a personal and firm-wide level. When creating a new task, you can add the following items:

  • Checklists
  • Descriptions
  • Due dates
  • Priorities

Tasks can be assigned to specific firm members, and linked to relevant cases. MyCase includes task reminders, and will automatically send an email or a popup notification for upcoming tasks.

mycase task management image

Document Management

MyCase allows you to efficiently manage your firm’s critical documents. MyCase serves as a centralized database for your documents, and you can organize files into customizable folders for each case. Additionally, MyCase offers unlimited data storage.

You can share and edit documents stored in MyCase with your team members. MyCase supports document commenting, tagging, and version history control.

MyCase includes electronic signature software for any of your firm’s documents, and allows for multiple signers and countersigners. Also, you can use MyCase to track the status of signature requests that you send to your clients.

Time and Expense Tracking

MyCase allows you to track expenses and generate accurate time entries. MyCase timers can be used on both browser and mobile devices, and can record time entries using three timers simultaneously.

MyCase’s Smart Time Finder feature helps prevent missed time entries for commonly billable activities. Smart Time Finder passively tracks various activities done in MyCase including:

  • Calls logged
  • Calls resolved
  • Emails sent
  • Messages sent
  • New notes saved
  • Tasks and subtasks marked as complete
  • Uploaded documents

Billing and Invoicing

MyCase allows you to efficiently generate invoices from captured billable hours. MyCase supports the following billing types:

  • Hourly
  • Contingency
  • Flat fee
  • Mix of flat fee and hourly
  • Pro bono

With the Invoice Editor, you can customize your invoices to best fit the needs of your law firm and practice area. Some of the items you can configure in your invoices include:

  • Adjustments
  • Expense entries
  • Terms and conditions
  • Time entries

Invoices can be sent to your clients in several ways. MyCase allows you to:

  • Send invoices through the client portal
  • Send invoices by email
  • Download invoices in PDF format
  • Print invoices as hardcopies

Online Payments

MyCase Payments allows you to collect payments from your clients electronically, and supports transactions through both credit card and eCheck. MyCase Payments is PCI compliant, and only deducts credit card fees from operating accounts to maintain trust accounting compliance. For firms that would prefer to separate funds, MyCase allows you to connect multiple bank accounts.

Here are the fees associated with MyCase Payments:

Credit card fees
  • VISA: 3% per transaction
  • MasterCard: 3% per transaction
  • Discover: 3% per transaction
  • AmericanExpress: 3.9% per transaction
eCheck feesFree


MyCase includes several bookkeeping tools, and allows you to track and manage expenses. However, this solution does not include a full accounting suite. For major accounting tasks, you will have to integrate MyCase with a third-party accounting solution.


MyCase’s reporting tools increase visibility into your law firm’s performance. Here are some of the reports you can generate in MyCase:

Financial Reports
  • Aging invoices
  • Accounts receivable
  • Case revenue
  • Fee allocation
  • Trust account summary
  • Trust account activity
Case Reports
  • Case list report
  • Statute of limitations
Productivity Reports
  • Case time & expenses
  • Firm time & expenses
  • User time & expenses
Leads Reports
  • Consultation fee revenue
  • Leads referral source
  • Leads forecasted pipeline value


MyCase offers several integrations with third-party solutions. Here are some of MyCase’s integrations:

MyCase Alternatives & Competitors

MyCase competes with a variety of legal solutions that offer similar functionality. The best choice for you will depend on your budget and feature preferences.

MyCase's top competitors are:

We've analyzed MyCase compared to its top competitors. Read these in-depth analyses that evaluate MyCase's cost, features and ease of use compared to alternatives:

Is MyCase Right For You?

MyCase is a popular legal practice management solution used by thousands of legal professionals. This solution includes features that help law firms increase revenue and automate tasks. These features include case management, contact management, client intake forms, lead management, calendaring, and time tracking.

If you desire an affordable and robust solution that includes two-way texting, client intake forms, and lead management tools, we recommend MyCase for you. If you have a complex tech stack, or prefer using a third-party CRM solution, platforms like Clio Manage offer far more integrations than MyCase.

If you're interested, you can try MyCase today.

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